[p2pu-webcraft] Is Cold Fusion Relevant for School of Webcraft?

ozzie sutcliffe oz.sutcliffe at gmail.com
Sat May 28 16:29:58 UTC 2011

Another fork in the job realm is having a good understanding of the
verticals within the commercial market place.
As for me I am considered a subject matter expert (so my boss thinks
LOL) in ITSM (Information Technology Service Management).
Knowing that vertical / area / realm and business side of the
application you are developing makes you much more valuable.
I don't go too deep in writing code as its not really what I do, I am
more on the architectural side.
As web apps become more ubiquitous to every facet of the companies
business. The more the need to understand the apps place in the big
picture of the company.
This also applies to non commercial space also.
To a point this is why  many open source apps fail as its a solution
to a problem that has not been created / needed from a big picture
So thinking about platforms etc is one thing, thinking about where
they will be used and  be  most valuable is another.
You may work on the best web app that can give you all the data on
penguins and to some its the google app of the century.
However unless you live in Antarctica the marketability is very limited.
So if you are still in college look some of the verticals that
interest you and get any kind of job that will bring you inside that
Now you have the ability to be an analyst  and coder so when things
get quiet (which they will) you have another skill set to leverage.


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