[p2pu-webcraft] Invitation - review and critique current School of Webcraft groups and courses

Pippa Buchanan Pippa.Buchanan at gmail.com
Thu May 26 13:19:30 UTC 2011

We've got some amazing groups on the new site and a couple of ongoing
courses still using the old site.

The new site makes it much easier to get an overview of a group and review
the activity taking place.  If you're logged into P2PU you can also easily
message group organisers and offer them your suggestions on how to improve
their course.


If you haven't yet browsed through the different SoW groups available I'd
love for you to grab a coffee and spend 5-10 minutes looking through.

If you have any comments you'd like to share with the greater SoW community
- please post them to this list.


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