[p2pu-webcraft] How can we acknowledge Webcraft course and study group organisers' efforts?

Parag Shah adaptives at gmail.com
Fri May 13 05:50:33 UTC 2011

Please find my responses inline:

Creating, developing and coordinating study groups and courses takes a huge
> amount of effort. School of Webcraft is incredibly grateful for all those
> people who stick with their course ideas from conception through to
> completion.  @e're so happy that you recognise SoW is important and continue
> to volunteer your time, knowledge and energy to the project.
> I'd like to be able to best recognise the achievements of organisers and
> would like input of the Webcraft community in working out how we can best
> thank past organisers, and to continuously recognise future group
> organisers.
>    - Do you want certificates or something physical to hold and show
>    people?
> Nope...

>    - Would you like to earn badges that recognise your achievements as an
>    organiser?
Yes, that would be nice.

>    - Would you appreciate letters of reference to future employers that
>    acknowledge the skills you developed as an organiser, in addition to the
>    technical knowledge you set out to learn?
> Well, I guess if there is online evidence such as badges, then it would
serve as a good recommendation. So, my answer to this would be no.

>    - Do you want a thank you letter signed by your participants?
> No, not a thank you letter, but I would definitely appreciate feedback
(both good and bad) from the participants, on a publicly addressable url.
This is more from the perspective of documentary evidence of how useful a
peer enabled online course is, and how it can be made better.

>    - Do you want fame? Would you like to be interviewed and made famous in
>    the world of Webcraft, P2PU and Mozilla?
> I guess badges would suffice...

> In identifying how we can recognise your achievements I think we can also
> start a parallel discussion about motivations for your involvement in P2PU.
>    - Did you do this to learn more about the topic your course was on?
> Before starting Javascript course in January 2011, I had participated in an
online MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). I feel that such courses have the
potential to solve the scalability problem in education. When I facilitated
Javascript, my aim was to refresh my Javascript knowledge, and also learn
how to facilitate MOOC's for technical topics.

>    - To meet and help new people?
> Sure, meeting and helping new people is always fulfilling...

>    -
>    - To develop specific skills in online facilitation?
> Yes, I wanted to develop skills in facilitation of large volume online

I am also trying to create a community for the broader Computer Science
audience, and I hope to use what I am learning by facilitating P2PU courses,
to foster a learning community at diycomputerscience.com

Thanks & Regards
Parag Shah
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