[p2pu-webcraft] How can we acknowledge Webcraft course and studygroup organisers' efforts?

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Hi Pippa.
Will try to add my 5cents. Comments in blue, below.
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  Creating, developing and coordinating study groups and courses takes a huge amount of effort. School of Webcraft is incredibly grateful for all those people who stick with their course ideas from conception through to completion.  @e're so happy that you recognise SoW is important and continue to volunteer your time, knowledge and energy to the project.

  I'd like to be able to best recognise the achievements of organisers and would like input of the Webcraft community in working out how we can best thank past organisers, and to continuously recognise future group organisers.

    a.. Do you want certificates or something physical to hold and show people? 
    b.. I think a list in some Mozilla website sector , categorized by country and/or skill, would be great. Could improve (tutors) elegibility for a job or a teaching position. Indication of the year of participation could be a good clue , too.
    c.. Would you like to earn badges that recognise your achievements as an organiser? 
    d.. Same as previous comment, and "electronic" badge whose href is the page mentioned is - I think - a practical and almost no-cost method of recognition.
    e.. Would you appreciate letters of reference to future employers that acknowledge the skills you developed as an organiser, in addition to the technical knowledge you set out to learn? 
    f.. No opinion on that. Maybe the kudo´s of the former students could help, but that (and the course itself)  is online at P2PU, so...
    g.. Do you want a thank you letter signed by your participants?
    (mentioned above)
    h.. Do you want fame? Would you like to be interviewed and made famous in the world of Webcraft, P2PU and Mozilla?
    i.. Absolutely NO (me)

  In identifying how we can recognise your achievements I think we can also start a parallel discussion about motivations for your involvement in P2PU. 

    a.. Did you do this to learn more about the topic your course was on? 
    b.. Yes, indeed.
    c.. To meet and help new people? 
    d.. Yes, I met very interesting and collaborative pals.
    e.. To develop specific skills in online facilitation?
    f.. (sorry didn´t get that one)
  I'd love to hear your feedback about this - it will really help us as we continue to invite new people into the community. 



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