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*School of Webcraft has a new home!*

As part of the P2PU community, the School of Webcraft made the transition to
our new, custom built Lernanta platform last weekend. Hooray!

>From all of us here at School of Webcraft we'd like to thank P2PU's
Technical Lead, Zuzel and our amazing team of volunteer contributors for all
their hard work so far. We're looking forward to all the great new features
to come!

*Got an idea of how to make the School of Webcraft's new pages rock?*
Let us know your ideas in the Webcraft discussion
Join, Branch, or Create a New Group

So far, *over 25 groups* and courses have been setup on the new School of
Webcraft site and range from *learners asking for help* as they *program for
the first time*, through to more formal courses and structured study groups:

   - HTML and CSS From The
   - Let's GIT Together <http://p2pu.org/en/groups/lets-git-together/>
   - Federated Social Web <http://p2pu.org/en/groups/federated-social-web/>
   - View all School of Webcraft
   - Can't find what you're looking for?
      - Create your
of Webcraft group.

Remember, the content for all groups on P2PU are *always open to explore*,
even if you're not a participant and the group is already full. If you
really like what a group is learning, you can *make your own version* of it,
invite participants and create your own versions of existing tasks to work
through together.

To find out more about creating groups and *making your own branch* of an
existing group, watch this screencast on Creating a Study Group at
Help review our upcoming School of Webcraft badges

Along with the Mozilla Open Badges <https://wiki.mozilla.org/Badges> project
we're working on the 2nd phase in our pilot phase of *web developer badges*.
Erin, our badge lead has written up the draft badge criteria and now we need
*you* to review them.

To give feedback on the draft criteria for badges on HTML, CSS, Popcorn.js,
HTML5 and CSS3 visit Erin's blog
Learn cool new web technologies and enter the MDN Dev Derby!

*MDN* is the codename of our friends over at Mozilla Developers

   - MDN run the *Hacks <http://hacks.mozilla.org/> blog* featuring cool
   things built with Mozilla Firefox and the *open web*.
   - They curate the *Mozilla Docs
   *: one of the *best technical resources* for Web Developers *ever*.
   - And now, every month they're running the *Dev
   * - a *web demo competition*!

In *July* the Dev Derby is focused on *HTML5 *. MDN curated *great
* about the new video features which would be *perfect* as the basis
for a *School
of Webcraft study group*. We'd love to see some School of Webcraft
participants *get their demos featured* in July's derby!

To get started *learning* and preparing your *HTML5 demo* for a chance to
win some *pretty wicked prizes* from MDN, create a study
Remember to *check out MDN <https://developer.mozilla.org/>* for the
documentation and *learning resources* you'll need for your group.
Get Involved

There are lots of great ways to get involved with School of Webcraft and
help build our community of web developers.

   - *Start a learning project at School of Webcraft*
   It’s easy, just create a P2PU account and follow the
   - *Got a question about School of Webcraft? *
   Check out our Frequently Asked
   - *Join the Webcraft Discussion List*
   To participate in ongoing discussions about the project, sign-up
   - *Dying to just hack? *
   Learn more at the Contributing to
   Submit a bug on the
   Contribute to the code at Github <https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta>

Do you have some exciting news, or a request for help we should be sharing
in our Webcraft updates? Don't keep it a secret, let us
know<p2pu-webcraft at lists.p2pu.org>

This (and all P2PU mailings) are licensed under CC
Please feel free to translate it and share it with your friends!
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