[p2pu-webcraft] Please review: default decline message for non Webcraft courses and groups

Pippa Buchanan Pippa.Buchanan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 13:44:38 UTC 2011

great feedback from jessy - but I accidentally deferred the message in the
moderation filter. sorry jessy!

switching the order of the explanation makes sense - thanks for pointing
that out!

re volunteer course mentors - i recall us discussing it, but it didn't go
much further then that. Was this meant to be a general P2PU approach or SoW
specific?  Once we've got tags in place we'll also be able to point
organisers towards many other organsiers working on similar topics.


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From: Jessy Kate Schingler <jessy at jessykate.com>
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Subject: Re: [p2pu-webcraft] Please review: default decline message for non
Webcraft courses and groups
cool :) here's a couple thoughts:

i would put the description about SoW and what differentiates it from p2pu
*before* your decline statement, so that when you say, "it doesn't fit"
you've already given the context for why.

also when you say "let the community know" i would have a link to an
individual person, as well a link to the mailing list. otherwise "community"
seems a bit vague. i imagine many people won';t want to join a mailing list
just to worksop their topic and if that's the only option, we might lose
them, so having a human is useful IMHO.

didn't we discuss the idea of having volunteer course mentors/contacts?

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