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Tue Dec 6 18:08:04 UTC 2011

Hey Pippa -

The print/export functionality is something we've definitely talked about.
We may build something like it for the January release on our end but any
display site can also build that functionality on their end as well.


On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 12:24 PM, Pippa Buchanan <Pippa.Buchanan at gmail.com>wrote:

> How about something along the lines of
> *Demonstrate your skills* (or *Show Off Your Skills*)
> Earn badges that highlight your technical and community skills to your
> friends, colleagues and potential employers. Together with Mozilla, makers
> of Firefox, we've developed a set of badge criteria that help you benchmark
> your web developer skills:  you can use your existing online portfolio to
> demonstrate an achievement or complete challenges to help you level up to
> the next Mozilla-designed Badge.
> School of Webcraft Badges are easy to display on your personal website,
> online profiles, and CV and use the Open Badges <http://openbadges.org/>framework, a way to record, track, and display your skills and knowledge
> across the web.
> ----
> Erin / Chloe - I've got a quick question that I've not been able to find
> an answer for on the Badges FAQ - Will there be a simple, automatic way for
> Open Badges users to link to their badges in print CVs? eg a
> short/humanreadable URL to both the backpack and to their individual
> badges? (eg. Pippa's backpack http://badg.es/PippaBuchanan1979  and
> Beginner's Austrian Dialect
> http://badg.es/PippaBuchanan1979/Oesterreichish  )
> While many job applications and processes are online - there are still a
> lot of industries which are more about face 2 face meetings, people might
> want to share their backpack in printed CVs etc.
> Pippa
> On 30 November 2011 21:17, Janet Swisher <jswisher at mozilla.com> wrote:
>>  I wouldn't want to imply that "a SoW JavaScript badge means that
>> *Mozilla says* I know JavaScript". It's a more subtle message "a SoW
>> JavaScript badge means that my peers say I know JavaScript, and Mozilla
>> says that matters".
>> --Janet
>> On 11/30/11 1:31 PM, Erin Knight wrote:
>> There are actually two separate things at play here. 1) There is the
>> Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure that these badges get pushed into. In
>> this case P2PU is simply an issuer in the ecosystem. But 2) SoW is a
>> partnership between Mozilla and P2PU so the SoW skill badges are in fact
>> backed by Mozilla - they even carry Mozilla branding. Mozilla reviews the
>> assessments/challenges and in that sense 'backs' them.
>>  On the certification authority front - there are no formal
>> certification authorities for badges yet so it may be that there are more
>> informal certification authority relationships like this. Or or may turn
>> out that the endorsement functionality serves this function as well - we'll
>> have to see.
>>  -E
>> On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 12:52 PM, Janet Swisher <jswisher at mozilla.com>wrote:
>>>  I agree with Dan that putting together "certification" and "backed by
>>> Mozilla" is misleading. I suggest something like this:
>>> Earn Merit Badges
>>> Show off your web and community skills to friends, teachers, and
>>> potential employers through School of Webcraft merit badges. Merit badges
>>> show that your peers have assessed your work as meeting specific quality
>>> criteria. These badges are issued by School of Webcraft using the Open
>>> Badges framework, which is supported by Mozilla, the global non-profit
>>> dedicated to shaping the future of the Web for the public good, and to
>>> helping everyone become a Web maker. Badges are easy to display on your
>>> personal website, online profiles, and CV or resumé.
>>> On 11/30/11 6:32 AM, Chloe Varelidi wrote:
>>> ok, i see what you are saying. let me know if you have a suggestion for
>>> an improved text
>>> thanks,
>>> Chloe
>>> On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 1:08 PM, Dan Diebolt <dandiebolt at gmail.com>wrote:
>>>> The implication of the narrative is that Mozilla is acting as some type
>>>> of certification authority which is simply not true. The document I
>>>> referenced has definitions for various stakeholders/roles (User, Issuer,
>>>> Displayer, Signer, Endorser) none of which equate to the implication that
>>>> Mozilla is a certification authority.
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