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On 31 August 2011 02:34, Allen Gunn <gunner at aspirationtech.org> wrote:

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> Hey friends,
> Super enjoying this thread, Laura thanks for kicking this off. And great
> to job to all the folks that are fleshing these critters out, really
> cool to see substantial stuff there :^)
> I'll second Laura's statement about not being uber familiar with P2PU
> norms, but in addition to great comments already made:
> * I think the size of the different challenges varies a good bit on
> first look. Challenge 1 seems like at least 2 challenges to me (get set
> up, do Hello World), and other challenges may be of arbitrarily large
> size. Apologies if I've missed this in earlier threads, but what order
> of magnitude of time is anticipated to be required per challenge?
> * Part of why I ask is IMO learning should always start with an easy
> win/near-term outcome, and Challenge 1 is a bigger thing. It's substantial.
> * My personal opinion is the sequential learning units should always
> hold together well as a story. e.g.
> 1) First you'll get your environment set up to do some webmaking
> 2) Then you'll do the simplest of webmaking tasks, "Hello world"
> 3) Next you'll...
> While it's arguably pedestrian to explicitly say all this, I think it's
> the kind of stuff that a) makes the material more accessible at first
> glance, and b) gives learners initial scaffolding to hang their
> discoveries on.
> I also think such articulations can benefit the challenge-to-challenge
> continuity, though I realize modularity is a goal.
> * By extension, I think the most engaging materials are those that
> clearly convey their benefit to the user/learner. Each overview section
> might have explicit "after this challenge" language (aka "The Payoff" or
> "Victory") that describes skill and knowledge gain in non-technical
> terms, "you will be able to " e.g. "build simple web pages", "add design
> features to an existing page", "integrate video into a page', "add
> interactivity to a page"...
> * John and Philipp will be shocked to hear me say this, but I think we
> should be getting uninitiated target users looking at these now, not
> after they've been polished/finished. More P2P-based feedback before
> format/structure/template decisions get cemented!
I'm shocked!

All really useful suggestions. Added all of Gunner's comments to the


The plan is to test with a small group (of non P2PU folks - no echo chamber)
and we probably already got a bunch more really awesome feedback from this
thread than we expected.

Thank you!

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