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Pippa Buchanan Pippa.Buchanan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 15:02:52 UTC 2011

Hey Laura,

these are all great comments back on the work that has been going on with
the new Webcraft focus.  I too am really impressed with what Jamie's been
doing and am also VERY mindful that the project content is still in a draft

It's kind of weird to be commenting back on this as I'm almost not
officially involved with the project (2 days to go) so I'm trying to work
out what perspective I'm responding from - someone who's been working on the
project or an [almost] outsider. :-)

1. The reason i point this out is because there are basics to web usage that
> aren't approached on SoW and I wonder if there should be a WebUsage
> 101course with challenges that approach those basics...

re WebUsage 101:


Working within this project I've always thought that good web usage is
important, but it has never been in the School of Webcraft scope. It's just
too broad and not relevant to the project's focus on web development.  The
challenges Jamie was tasked to develop were about web making and not usage,
but I agree a similar model of Webusage 101 would be great.

Were there to be a school that covered this I think it would be the School
of Web Citizenry or something like that. :-)  It's an area of skills
development and training that's interesting me as I move on from working on

re Audience focus:

In a foundation peer assist one of the feedbacks we gave was that the
audience of the Web Challenges needs to be very clearly defined. I think
that in promoting and communicating the challenges this audience will be
more clearly identified.

> 2. "The challenges are designed to be followed in a serial manner..." How
> will you integrate the challenges to corresponding courses? I'm curious as
> to how this will be implemented in SoW and wonder if anyone wants to tell us
> about that. Where are the challenges going to be accessible? What does one
> have to complete to start doing the challenges? Are the challenges only
> attached to the Webmaking 101 course, or will they be accessible through the
> CSS or HTML5 courses as well?

Currently the challenges are intended to sit externally of courses and will
reflect a new Webcraft structure which is less course focussed.

One thing that still needs to be defined is where "traditional" user driven
SoW courses sit alongside the new challenge model - new course and group
ideas are still welcome but aren't currently the priority. I've discussed
this with John and how this works will be clarified after roadtesting the
challenges and getting a better understanding of how users respond to them.

I believe that the enthusiasm that many participants and organisers put into
the current courses is amazing and something that is vital to the community
that uses School of Webcraft. Course organisers and their effort shouldn't
be ignored in the move to developing content and working with the new
Webcraft model.

I'm hopeful that Webcraft participants will be able to respond to the
Challenge model and approach that Jamie's worked on and this as a benchmark
for their own work on other courses.


I hope that's helpful!

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