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Hi Laura, 

Thanks for taking the time to give such detailed feedback - much appreciated : ) 

On the subject of typos : I will hold my hands up to the typos, I tend to type and think at the same time and it shows.  As I go through them getting the challenges out of draft and into alpha, they'll be eradicated to the best of my abilities. Word smithing isn't one of my stronger points, but I understand that's no excuse.  I know that it's taxing to read so many - so I apologise : ) 

Cheers and thanks again, 


@Phillip - excellent thanks : )

On 30 Aug 2011, at 13:57, Laura Hilliger wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Just wanted to give some feedback on the challenges. First off, I applaud all those involved. You guys rock. 
> I'd like to give some feedback on http://webmaking101.p2pu.org/ as a whole, from the perspective of someone not involved. I get that it's a pilot program, I have no idea what your timeline is and I don't know what all you're already discussing. I'm also aware that it's a draft. If my feedback is irrelevant than please forgive me for wasting your time! That said, I have perused a bunch of your documentation.
> 1. On the Introduction page - text says "The only assumption made is that the learner can use the web..." Really, what does this mean "use the web"? I'm a little confused on the target audience. Through the documentation that I find on Webmaking 101, the target audience is very loosely defined. In fact, the definition I find for SoW is "general audience" and "targeted niche audience" (learning web development from the ground up and niche topics for developers). Can you be more specific about the target audience? Who are you targeting, twenty-somethings that don't write HTML yet? There's a difference between people who use the web for email, facebook and amazon and people who know how to USE the web. 
> The reason i point this out is because there are basics to web usage that aren't approached on SoW and I wonder if there should be a WebUsage 101course with challenges that approach those basics. For example, collaborative document editing - something we all do, but is MAGIC to people who aren't web "users". You'd be surprised how many people out there don't actually know that they can share documents without attaching a .doc to an email. Or searching, lots of people don't actually know how to find things on the web, believe it or not. Or online photos...This is digital divide stuff, I guess, but I always thought that SoW should think about approaching these basics, but I don't know if that was ever in discussion.
> These are much bigger questions that apply to a lot of projects out there, just something to think about. 
> 2. "The challenges are designed to be followed in a serial manner..." How will you integrate the challenges to corresponding courses? I'm curious as to how this will be implemented in SoW and wonder if anyone wants to tell us about that. Where are the challenges going to be accessible? What does one have to complete to start doing the challenges? Are the challenges only attached to the Webmaking 101 course, or will they be accessible through the CSS or HTML5 courses as well? 
> 3. There are a lot, a lot of typos. I'd be happy to do some editing if you point me to an editable document.
> 4. On the 2nd challenge, 1st task - "12 Rules for Choosing the Right Domain" is directed at users in the USA. European users have a very different take on some of these points. Just an FYI. 3rd Task - give recommendations for FLOSS editors! 
> 5. Is this how the challenges are to be ordered? If so, you might want to get people visualizing their pages BEFORE they start programming, or is the intention that they learn through programming the earlier challenges and then redo the challenges when creating their site?
> 6. What about image editing, webfonts and open licensed content? 
> Ok, that's enough for now. Don't know if any of it is useful, but those are the thoughts that were on the top of my head. 
> Cheers!
> Laura
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