[p2pu-webcraft] Webcraft standup [Monday, August 08 2011]!

Pippa Buchanan Pippa.Buchanan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 12:57:15 UTC 2011

It's time for School of Webcraft standup, you can respond with your update
whether you're a participant or a course organiser.

Please let the community know the status of your course or group. Things to
include are:

   1. *what you've been working on*
   2. *what you plan on doing next*
   3. *anything you'd like the community to help with*
   4. *links to really cool demos people in your group have been working on.

ps. it's great if you can share who you are and which group you're involved

>From Pippa, in lieu of a friendly standup bot.
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