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   - *Want to learn open standards-based web development?*
   - Interested in becoming a *web developer*, want to update existing
   skills or want to *create webpages* as a hobby?
   - Learn what you need to know at School of Webcraft,  a project developed
   in partnership by Mozilla Foundation <http://mozilla.org/> and P2PU!

Check out our home page
<http://new.p2pu.org/en/schools/school-of-webcraft/>to learn about the
project and see the study groups and courses on offer.
*Can't find a group that suits your needs?*

If you can't find a group you'd like to join, it's easy -  create your
Don't feel worried, the *School of Webcraft community* and the *P2PU
team*are here to
*help*! We'll give you advice on *finding learning materials*, creating *course
plans*and show you how to facilitate and promote your group. We'll also put
you in contact with people who can help you build your group.
[image: The Open Web: Identity is the
The Open Web: Identity is the Platform. / Matthew Burpee / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
*New groups created - can you help develop them?*

There are some *great new topics* under development on the new site. These
groups still need tasks, resources and learning plans outlined before they
can be opened for sign-up.  If you'd like to help get these groups get
ready, please *contact the group's organiser*.

   - *Federated Social Web*<http://new.p2pu.org/en/groups/federated-social-web/>
   * *
      - Focus on various protocols used to implement federation
      functionality for *social networking*
   - *Introduction to PHP*<http://new.p2pu.org/en/groups/introduction-to-php/>
   * *
      - Discover and *explore server programming* with the PHP scripting
   - *Introduction to Django**
   - Learn the *Django web framework* for Python
   - *Javascript Basics (Working Group)*
   - We want to build the *best Javascript Basics* course. Do you know
      someone who can help?
      - So far there have been a lot of great Javascript related courses
      within School of Webcraft, but we want to collaboratively build
a group that
      is the best resource possible.
   - *Web Skills for Artists
      - Collaborate online with a Portland-based class learning how to *think
      creatively about internet development*.  This class is intended for
      those unfamiliar with the technical territory.

*Groups Currently Open For Sign-Up*

You can still *sign-up to participate* in these groups. You can also *offer
your assistance*to organise and improve a group.

   - *Beginning Game Development with HTML
   - Learn how to *make games* using web standards
   - *HTML 5 Introduction*<http://new.p2pu.org/en/groups/html-introduction/>
   - Outlining the *basic elements* of HTML web pages.
   - *Interactive Open Video with Popcorn.js*
   - This group helps you break into the
      *  and Popcorn.js <http://popcornjs.org/>  projects.
   - *Introduction to Contributing to Lernanta*
   - This is an introduction to contributing to the *open source
platform*that P2PU runs on: Lernanta.
   - *Python Programming
   - With *Python*, learning to program is easy and fun!
   - *Designing for Communities*<http://p2pu.org/webcraft/designing-communities>
   - Learn how to use *design thinking* when designing online communities

*Latest P2PU Platform Release - Lernanta r0.5*

The fortnightly release of features for the new P2PU platform has just come

   - School of Webcraft's main
page<http://new.p2pu.org/en/schools/school-of-webcraft/>has been
      - How can we improve our front page?*Let us
      - Group organisers can now *add additional administrators*. This makes
   it *much easier* to share responsibility of a group.
   - New groups are being created every day!
   - We're *preparing to transition* old courses to the new  system.
      - Old site will be maintained as an archive.
   - Give feedback<http://p2pu.uservoice.com/forums/111843-feedback-for-the-new-website?lang=en&utm_campaign=Widgets&utm_content=tab-widget&utm_medium=Popin+Widget&utm_source=p2pu.uservoice.com>on
the new site.
   - Want to contribute to the P2PU Platform ?
      - *Learn more* at the *Introduction to Contributing to
      study group.
      - *Submit a bug*: Lighthouse
      - *Contribute* to Lernanta: Github <https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta>

*Create a study group*

It's easy, just create a P2PU account and follow the
*Got a question about School of Webcraft? *

Check out our Frequently Asked
*Join the Webcraft Discussion List*

To participate in ongoing discussions about the project, sign-up
*Sign up for announcements*

To receive regular announcements about School of Webcraft, sign-up
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