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Vanessa Gennarelli vanessa at p2pu.org
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Some things you should know:

   1. Badges.p2pu.org is live, fully functional, and ready for your badging
   2. We demo'd the new site at the Digital Media and Learning
Conference<http://dml2013.dmlhub.net/>yesterday to an extremely
positive response. Seriously, the booth was
   crowded and Philipp and I never stopped talking for 2 hours.
   3. Go ahead and create a badge <http://badges.p2pu.org/en/badge/create/>.
   You won't be disappointed.

Congratulations to Dirk, Erika and Chris on a job very well done.

Your very happy Learning Lead, Vanessa

On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 7:14 AM, Dirk Uys <dirk at p2pu.org> wrote:

> Hey everyone
> You may or may not know that we have been working on badges.p2pu.org (
> github.com/p2pu/badges) for the last 3/4 weeks. At this stage I would
> like to reflect on a few things.
> What went well?
> - Using OAuth for user authentication worked really well
> - Structuring the model as an API and hiding the ORM objects from the view
> -- This helped a lot with testing
> -- Also made dependencies between different parts of the application
> explicit when it needs to be
> - Using ansible for sysadmin tasks (see github.com/p2pu/marvin)
> - More thorough testing for the model
> - Using notifications API to send email notifications (badges.p2pu.orgknows only the username)
> What could/can we improve upon?
> - Use API for user info
> - User roles like admin not implemented on badges (will need this to
> handle)
> - User uploaded media - scaling images, async upload, storing files on S3
> - Testing of views
> Other thoughts
> - Modularity of the model vs modularity of the view (Django app metaphor
> doesn't feel like a good fit for everything)
> - Notifications as part of the model. Notifications tends to be more view
> like and have more dependancies
> - Slightly concerned about performance with API, but only time will tell
> Let me maybe say a few things about the modularity and notifications, I
> think they're actually related. The application model and the application
> view doesn't feel to me like it fits that well with Django's concept of
> applications. The views normally have more dependencies than the model and
> even though you can use a django app where the view has more dependencies
> on other apps, it starts making less sense.
> This brings us to notifications, which have several similarities with
> views: they are exposed to the user, normally supply more context to the
> user that the event triggering the notification in the model, needs to be
> translated based on user preferences and probably also uses a template. I
> guess it's possible to create notification events in the model and then
> hook that up with the actual notification sending code? This obviously adds
> a bit of complexity.
> So, just felt like sharing this for those who may be interested. Any
> feedback will be very welcome!
> @Erika & Chris, feel free to add any thoughts that you have.
> Enjoy the weekend!
> Cheers
> d
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