[p2pu-dev] Tech call notes: 2013-03-07

Dirk Uys dirk at p2pu.org
Thu Mar 7 15:02:06 UTC 2013

*7 Mar*

   - Badges: http://dev.p2pu.org:5543/en/

   - Back channel chat & video integration: http://candy.media.mit.edu (allows
   you to watch the video and chat in one window now)

   - SOO (Done, but not deployed yet) Added links from course page to SOO
   home page, Edited which lists SOO courses show up in

   - Mechanical MOOC: Python MOOC email


   - SOO launch

   - Might get further tech requests from Jane

   - Need to push changes to production

   - Badges

   - DML demo

   - Show folks how to create a badge

   - Show folks how to award a badge

   - Share progress with community and ask for feedback. Mention that we
   won't be able to implement feedback until after DML.


   - Supporting SOO requests - balancing resources with requests is
   difficult sometimes


   - Q for EP: How was the first week?

   - EP: The first whatever is usually whatever. This has gone better than
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