[p2pu-dev] Tech call notes 2013-06-07

Dirk Uys dirk at p2pu.org
Fri Jun 7 08:32:58 UTC 2013


   - Partner badges can be created by some specified users

   - partner have to approve a badge being awarded

   - Notification opt-out for all notifications

   - including notifications sent via the API, but will need some attention
   when we get a new application sending notification through the API

   - DNS for discourse http://thepeople.p2pu.org now (almost) points to our
   discourse (looks like the DNS is still propagating)

   - I added in a CNAME and I added the domain in the heroku.com interface


   - Discourse [Chris]

   - write OmniAuth strategy to work with P2PU

   - question: i agree that this is something to implement now, but does
   this make it harder to keep upgrading discourse as they put out bugfixes /
   new releases?

   - (question about how we got here -> why did we set it up on non-free
   heroku in the first place? was this just a mistake? github branch said
   it was free. yes it was a mistake, alright)

   - Courses feedback and suggestions [Erika/Dirk]

   - Improvements to the home page [Dirk -> Get Erika involved as well]

   - Grouping for the python MOOC

   - Badges Integration with Courses [Erika]

   - Do a sync up again on badges work / what's the plan


   - Still not sure how to help user from Nigeria that keeps asking
   questions on help.p2pu.org

   - would be good if we decide on what to do with that

   - erika will take this question to the community call for discussion

   - Trello Board

   - let's do more descriptive tasks in the trello board. yes (same for


   - Lernanta Fixtures

   - is there any possibility for us to make small fixtures to provide to
   the people who are playing around with lernanta in Vagrant

   - it is nice if there is some fake data in there in order to play around
   with this thing otherwise it can be useless

   - before we do -> what's the audience for this, how many people will do

   - Not sure, but I do think it is not super important (but we do have
   audience we don't know about I suspect - tim was one of them)

   - yes, you are right. but lernanta is not really designed to be
   self-hosted anyway (it's not huge benefit for us if people self-host
   instances) and based on our experience with previous efforts to get more
   people involved in development work, it is a really small group of people -
   maybe there are other ways to make it easier for them to get involved with

   - you are right, but if there is two people doing this is one to much.
   And I am talking about really small fixtures with 3-4
   courses/challenges/study groups?

   - you are right, but ;-)

   - Browser support for lernanta, Badges, Mechanical MOOC

   - How much do we want to provide browser compatibility (and mobile <- I
   thought the CSS framework was responsive)

   - http://www.browserstack.com is a great engine for testing (*it is not
   free, though*)

   - I sympathize with the question. In the past, people have used the fact
   that we don't get a lot of traffic from users with old browsers as the
   counter argument.

   - @Erika - do you have access to the analytics account? (You should)

   - DU: to add Erika to GA

   - RESOLVED --> Can we take out the ads from the mail (I am not sure
   under what kind of licence we are at google, but I suspect that if even the
   free version is able to take out hte adds, than everopne can?)

   - which ads? which emails?

   - the adds in google mails that are aways trying to sell to me something

   - which emails though? i don't see any ads.

   - I do get adds on the p2pu.org (do you see ads on the web interface for
   gmail when you access your p2pu account? or are the ads embedded inside
   emails you receive?) On the interface

   - Here is my suggestion:

   - We have a sponsored non profit Google Apps account

   - You should be a domain admin user (if not, ask Dirk to make you one) -
   feel free to poke around the cpanel and see if you can turn it off

   - O this is cool, I so will!
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