[p2pu-dev] Reminder: this week's Community Call

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Wed Jan 23 11:15:43 UTC 2013

Hi good people

Don't forget this week's community call - taking place at the usual time,
but NOT in the usual place...

We're going to be ringing the changes, and using a Google Hangout for the
call. This call will also be hosted on air, so it will be broadcast on
YouTube in case we have so many people joining us that we can't all fit in
the hangout (believe it, it is true, it does happen, because you guys are
phenomenal). We'll also be experimenting with captioning the call too.

But in the interest of openness, and access, we'll also be using the tried,
tested and much loved etherpad for the notes, and for communicating the
address of the hangout. We're P2PU, how can we not have a pad?

So go here: http://pad.p2pu.org/p/community-20130124 to add items to the
agenda, and see what we're talking about, and find the link to the hangout.

Gracias a todos

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