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Jos Flores josmasflores at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 23:19:05 UTC 2013

Just in case, the first email from the list went into my spam folder,
so you might want to check that if it's not in your inbox.


On 20 January 2013 21:49, Chris Ewald <chris at p2pu.org> wrote:
> @Dan - Totally agree that helvetica was fascinating. I find myself seeing it
> everywhere now.
> This course is a cross-polination. I wanted to take it and thought other
> devs might so I pinged the dev list - and a discussion group is a bonus
> since the actual course doesn't have that. As for the content, I have no
> idea what it is going to be since no one at p2pu is involved with that.
> A had added your email to the mailinglist group. Did you get the email with
> the subject Hack Design Discussion Group? That's the email group - it's
> similar to how the MOOC is running it's groups.
> On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 10:54 PM, Dan Diebolt <dandiebolt at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I found all three of the Hustwit's videos (Helvetica, Objectified,
>> Urbanized) at my local library on DVD and I already watched each of them.
>> They are well worth locating and watching. I have to say that as an engineer
>> these videos were extremely interesting as they explored various elements of
>> design that I am not normally exposed to in my own work. After watching
>> Helvetica - a movie about a font - I found myself studying every written
>> word I encountered throughout my day asking myself if it was yet another
>> instance of Helvetica.
>> I am confused about this course - if that is what it is. First of all, is
>> it related to P2PU in some capacity or was it just for cross-pollination
>> that it was mentioned on the P2PU mailing list? The website
>> http://hackdesign.org/ has a general email signup and a reference to Week 2
>> Typography Crash Course. Is this a continuation of the activity of watching
>> the Objectified video or something else? Also someone with a p2pu.org email
>> account indicated they set up a mailing list at hackdesign.org. Maybe I
>> missed some essential information but the whole thing is confusing to me.
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