[p2pu-dev] Design Course for Hackers

Dan Diebolt dandiebolt at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 03:54:41 UTC 2013

I found all three of the Hustwit's videos (Helvetica, Objectified,
Urbanized) at my local library on DVD and I already watched each of them.
They are well worth locating and watching. I have to say that as an
engineer these videos were extremely interesting as they explored various
elements of design that I am not normally exposed to in my own work. After
watching Helvetica - a movie about a font - I found myself studying every
written word I encountered throughout my day asking myself if it was yet
another instance of Helvetica.

I am confused about this course - if that is what it is. First of all, is
it related to P2PU in some capacity or was it just for cross-pollination
that it was mentioned on the P2PU mailing list? The website
http://hackdesign.org/ has a general email signup and a reference to Week
2 Typography Crash Course. Is this a continuation of the activity of
watching the Objectified video or something else? Also someone with a
p2pu.org email account indicated they set up a mailing list at
hackdesign.org. Maybe I missed some essential information but the whole
thing is confusing to me.
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