[p2pu-dev] Tech call notes: 2013-01-17

Dirk Uys dirk at p2pu.org
Fri Jan 18 15:34:32 UTC 2013


   - Progress

   - Check out http://learn.media.mit.edu - look familiar?

   - Sysadmin

   - removed spam from badges.p2pu.org!

   - backed up etherpad lite database

   - figured out where the code is for etherpad...

   - Course UX

   - show "fresh additions" on course listing page

   - notifications for new users in courses

   - MOOC

   - MOOC blog and documentation

   - MOOC Trello - https://trello.com/board/mooc/50f414bc44cd6ea45b006dd9

   - CSS

   - Setup seperate project scaffolding and variables

   - Make the documentation page look p2pu nice

   - lernanta CSS to be finished fo end of month

   - Blog posts

   - Good blog Chris

   - Priorities

   - Small tweaks to Mech MOOC software for Media Lab course

   - Sysadmin

   - moving pad.p2pu.org to same server running stats

   - updating p2pu.org OS

   - moving badges.p2pu.org to different server from production

   - maybe doing it all using Chef

   - Course UX

   - feedback from community

   - support for old courses to list and update on learn page (currently a
   1 time export)

   - CSS

   - Course UX fixes

   - Proposals:

   - MOOC Maker RoR -> Django

   - Mismatch between org tech stack and MOOC

   - MOOC Maker will be implemeted in Django

   - DU, CE to plan

   - Problems

   - DONE (removed) -- Still have this in our google groups footer:

   - "Specific topics such as research, web development and course design
   are discussed in separate working groups:

   - http://wiki.p2pu.org/mailing-lists"

   - Process

   - Trello still underused (is there a MOOC Maker board now?)

   - https://trello.com/board/mooc/50f414bc44cd6ea45b006dd9 - sweet!

   - Add a person (who takes the lead) to each Trello card

   - this shouldn't substitute communication! (agree!)
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