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Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Fri Jan 11 11:38:24 UTC 2013

Sorry this is a bit late, good people.
Thanks to everyone who joined the call, both on skype and in the etherpad.
As always, the full notes and chat transcript can be found here:


   - Vanessa (on pad)

   - Dirk

   - Satyakam

   - Chris

   - Bekka

   - Billy (listening in)

   - Jane

*add your name here*


*4Ps and and I reportback from staff*

   - *Progress (what we've been working on)*

   - School of Data MOOC [CE & VMG]

   - Project spec:

   - Voice and tone

   - Email notifications

   - Splash page: http://schoolofdata.org/datamooc/

   - Content Strategy [BK & VMG] http://pad.p2pu.org/p/*contentparty

   - Content calendar

   - Workflow for blog posts

   - Content stewardship

   - Ways to market our posts

   - Interviewing developers tomorrow [PS & DU]

   - Tech plans shared for 2013

   - *Priorities (focus next week)*

   - Launch meeting with our Badges dev partner

   - Thinking about DML presentation

   - Feedback on beta.p2pu.org

   - Devopment process doc:

   - Who is going to blog?

   - And what would you like to talk about?

   - Newsletter

   - who gets our newsletter?

   - Everyone on the community and announce lists. And it will be posted to
   our blog.

   - Anyone else you think should be getting it ?

   - Isn't there an option to opt into a newsletter for users on the site?

   - I'm not sure. If there is, it would be great. Can you see that from
   the admin interface? If so, I can add their addresses to the MailChimp

   - We should consider making a big list of all users who participated.

   - Chris: So the dev list is running on a different list to the community
   list, which is also a different list to the Mailchimp list

   - Next steps: Bekka to look into moving community list to mailman

   - Renewing our insurance


   - *Problems (walls i ran into on the way)*

   - Challenges with partnering

   - Tech trouble, but sorted out now

   - *Process (org stuff)*

   - Becoming more fluent and understanding about the needs and pressures
   of a non-profit

   - Looking forward to P's grantwriting community call :)

   - *Ideas (on the horizon)*

*Questions about the MOOC maker*
Can the MOOC maker be used right now for building a site elsewhere?

   - Chris: yes, it is portable, and there is some good documentation up,
   but it will mean getting into the Ruby code

   - https://github.com/p2pu/mechanicalmooc

   - The mechanical MOOC is what we have right now, it's what is running
   the Python and Data MOOCS

   - The MOOCMaker is the next step, it doesn't exist yet, but will soon,
   and it will

*Blog post feedback*

Previous week: Dirk's Blog Post (

   - Greens

   - Internationalization!

   - Do we have a Pootle instance running for localization ?

   - Better badges!

   - "*We will continue to support courses, schools" yay!*

   - Love the picture :-)

   - and the bold text highlights

   - all the bulleted points - clean, concise, and thorough

   - "Openness is one of the core principles at P2PU" yay! ...

   - I think the overall tone is spot on and fantastic, and it communicates
   tech really well. Which is hard to do.

   - I think it's the right length too. Short and to the point

   - Yellows

   - "and we want to be as open as possible with our development process."
   - this is mainly about the transparent part of being open. i'm sure
   everything tech does/develops will be open in the other aspect, too, right?
   licensing, etc.

   - who are we doing the google+ couse with and on what topic?

   - Philipp is running that one - with people from the media lab, I think.

   - course index -- will there be a way to emphasize schools/subject here?
   eg all courses pertaining to openness

   - there will be more general lists & tagging will still be supported.
   iow School of Open can have a specific list of courses, it can also have
   2,3 or 4 lists. We still need to hammer out the details, but the general
   idea is to simplify it and make it more flexible. great

   - re support for schools -- there is stuff we discussed regarding SOO
   course review process outlined at
   http://pad.p2pu.org/p/school-of-open-course-review - regarding design
   and visual markers of courses (so it's clear if an org creates them/is
   associated with them). is this something we still have on the table and can
   continue to work on together?

   - Difficult question. The courses in the new UX have less built in
   branding possibilities, but at the same time what you put in a course is
   less restricted. We should probably think a bit about what the important
   parts Ok. it may mean tinkering with html bits or using badges (Piet's
   suggestion from a past thread) to signify organizations endorsement. Do you
   think you or someone on the tech team could take a look at the SOO
   community approved course review sections on design/etc. and leave comments
   on what is/is not possible -- or potential issues going forward? and maybe
   we can go from there.

   - Sounds like something we need to discuss a little further. Course
   reviews is also something we need to look at - in the past it didn't work
   that well. Well course review for SOO is just very lightweight --
   feedback on the mailing list. It wouldn't involve tech team (at this
   point). It's just the branding for landing page when we launch in March. So
   should I schedule a call next week to discuss this, or do you want to take
   a look at pad first?

   - Could there be links to dive deeper into the specfic aspects that we
   are building?

   - Good idea! Not all the things have fleshed out plans, but some do. I'm
   planning on sharing a post/doc on our dev process soon, but the idea is
   that most of those projects should have a trello board.* hint hint

   - Reds


   - *Stats from Dirk's blogpost: *

   - It's been viewed 43 times in 2 days

*Next week: Chris's Blog Post** - here is the link *
Question: Do we like the format of the 'to the code' links in the post?
Does the distinction work, or does it get in the way?
BK: I think it works. I would never click on them, but a lot of our
community members really want to get in there and it's a great shortcut for

   - Greens

   - like the many pictures!

   - +1 - the illustrations are great

   - And I dig the way you've broken it up into short sections

   - Yellows

   - Reds

*Any Other Business*
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