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Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Thu Jan 3 16:59:39 UTC 2013

Happy New Year, good people of P2PU!

Here are the notes from this week's call - which was just about a perfect
call - we covered loads of ground, answered big questions, thought about
stuff, and ended with about 20 minutes to spare. Ideal, really. Thanks to
everyone who joined us.

As always, the full set of notes and chat transcript can be found on the
etherpad. Which is here: http://pad.p2pu.org/p/community-20130103

*P2PU Community Call*
*3 January 2013*
*General Progress Report*


   - Vanessa
   - Dirk
   - Bekka
   - Philipp
   - Luka
   - Chris


*4 Ps and an i Report Back*

*Progress (what we've been working on)*

   - Q: What's the status of School of Data MOOC?
      - We need to have a kickoff meeting (tmr) about tech needs for
      that--Scoda wants to launch ASAP
      - They have a curriculum, and a recommended grouping script
      - Issues will be:
      - Who buys the URL
      - Who hosts the signup page
      - Signup copy:
      - Where people will post their work to--will it be wordpress or
      - Badges & P2PU profiles--there's some duplication here
      - Linking content--using bit.ly links to track engagement
      - Is bit.ly better than the tracking from mailgun? Mailgun has great
      link tracking - not sure if bitly is better though
      - Shouldn't we just use mailgun (since we built the MOOController
      party to make automatic link tracking possible) - Agreed
      - Potential solution from Chris--admin account in Mailgun
      - Naming the mechanical mooc groups
   - OnPhD - this is very cool, btw -
   - Content strategy
      - Reading list:
      - http://www.alistapart.com/articles/a-checklist-for-content-work/
      - Planned outcomes: content calendar, content outcomes/metrics for
   - Renewed our membership of OCWC
   - Monitoring busy courses (loads of activity in the following courses
   this week:
      - Badge maker
      - Programming with Twitter API
      - Technovation Challenge
      - Webmaking 101
   - MOOC Sequence 3 grouping
   - Doing a confirmation email step for this sequence
   - MOOC Blog Post
   - Updated tech plan 2013 -
      - please add comment in the doc - dirk will relook and upload next
   - MIT Media Lab / P2PU course - this is a course about creative learning
   technologies - it will be messy and hacked together, probably with video
   stuff and using Google + tools.
      - Hiring student assistants
      - Overall framing
      - http://mas714.media.mit.edu/syllabus

*Priorities (focus for next week)*

   - Badges dev hiring!!!
   - Assessment Manifesto---get 'er DONE
   - Content Strategy planning w Bekka tmr +1
   - Mechanical MOOC curriculum review
   - Decide on tech help for badges
   - Newsletter
   - Communications calendar
   - Survey design
   - rescheduled meeting with IndyHall Adam
   - Post tech plan to blog next week
   - Finish development process document
   - Work on translation course
   - P2PU Strategy call summary / post
   - MOOC next stpes - funding proposal
   - Media Lab course
   - MOOC Grouping early next week
   - CSS Framework
   - MOOC Controller planning call (Saturday)
   - School of Data MOOC

*Problems (walls I ran into on the way)*

   - 9AM, 1 Jan 2013 felt like I had run into a wall
   - VMG is in an intensive course for the next two weeks - so give her a

*Process (org stuff)*

   - Share questions before call

*Ideas (what's on the horizon) *

   - FYI team--Vanessa is going to be speaking at the Content Strategy
   Conference (Confab):
   - Also DML Badges meeting--->truth, Mozz is headed to LA to ROCK DML
   - Philipp is speaking about The Future of the Future of the Future of
   the University / Jan 30, Berlin, http://collaboratory.de
   - Register for the event ->
   - They're a think tank about internet & society (Humboldt University,
   Google, etc.) and just ran a working group about learning, P will speak
   about learning and the future of learning and digital learning and probably
   drink some beer (definitely drink some beer, but not too much).
   - Surveying the Mechanical MOOC 0
   - Steve Carson ran a survey with first batch of Gentle Intro to Python
   folks. June and Steve are looking at the data.
   - Did we have any input into the types of questions asked? I think we
   have a lot of stuff we want to know from our users, and it makes sense for
   us to ask them questions more often, and well, rather than less often.
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