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Lars Leo Larsson friutbildning at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 21:46:29 UTC 2013


I opt for short term solution.

A suggestion is to release and pull translations more often to make files
easy to update step by step.

It is sometimes a best guess about the meaning of a word in English that
should be translated where another word should be used in another language.
When a translation is merged I guess a quick fix is not possible when
feedback from users arrives from the live site?

A sandbox open for translators, prefferably a locally *AMP installable,
would help out a lot. Today I look through the .po source for the line
number and browse the related template files on github to get an
understanding of a shady word that may have to be replaced in our language.
There probably is a better workflow.

Our team also use a shared document for all key words like "badge" to
ensure any new translator use the same translated word. Works out pretty

We had some issues with the "nplurals" string generating saving .mo file
errors in poedit.
The solution was found here: http://drupal.org/node/17564 and took some
editing in the .po file header for the nplurals string to fix that.

Cheers //L

2013/4/22 Dirk Uys <dirk at p2pu.org>

> We are in the process of adding and updating translations for p2pu.org
> and we need a bit of feedback.
> We currently have translations for the following languages in
> different states of completeness:
> - English
> - Spanish (slightly outdated)
> - Chinese (slightly outdated)
> - Korean (newly contributed!)
> - Hebrew (partial translation newly contributed)
> - Swedish (recently updated, but would like some feedback)
> - Dutch (partial and outdate)
> User are redirected to the translated version of p2pu.org according to
> their browser language preference.
> Maintaining the translations and ensuring that they are up to scratch
> is difficult and the reality is that some of the translations ends up
> being suboptimal.
> We are dedicated to making P2PU accessible to as many people as
> possible, but defaulting to incomplete and outdated translations
> detracts from the user experience and usefulness of the site to users.
> We are considering the following short term and medium term solutions:
> Short term:
> Direct all traffic coming to p2pu.org to English, but allow users to
> manually switch to any of the available translations.
> Medium term:
> Distinguish between complete and partial translations and direct users
> to complete translations according to their browser (or profile)
> preference. If the prefered language for the user is a partial
> translation - direct the user to the English version of the site and
> display a popup giving the user the option of viewing incomplete
> version of the translated site.
> Any thoughts on how we can do this better?
> Cheers
> Dirk
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