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Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Fri Nov 16 08:47:07 UTC 2012

Thanks to all who joined in.
As always, full notes and transcripts can be found on the etherpad:


Attendees (add your name here)

   - Vanessa Gennarelli

   - Bekka Kahn

   - Dirk Uys

   - Chris *the current P2PU sound engineering champion* w00t w00t

*4P& an i  report back*

   - *Progress (what we worked on this week)*

   - School of Open Webinar [VMG]

   - The tool was terrible - it kept cutting out, and people couldn't hear
   what we were saying.

   - We need to calibrate the crowd better when we give talks - this crowd
   were all people who are just getting started on building courses.

   - People had questions about the OBI, with very macro-level questions,
   not questions about badges at P2PU

   - People are excited about creating courses in School of Open

   - Are people interested in creating courses on beta or p2pu.org?

   - VMG: stressed to them that using beta was a good idea, but people were
   confused about how the accounts would work - we need to do some messaging
   around this

   - questions: accounts (what carries over, will they merge, will the
   history associated with one account get lost/duplicate in the other)

   - answer: the beta accounts will be temporary - there are no badges
   associated with these accounts, and the only thing that will be carried
   over will be the person who created the course, and participation. Comments
   will not be carried over.

   - Dirk: we do need to communicate what beta is, what it means, what
   happens there.

   - We need to be upfront with people from the start - if people come to
   P2PU becuase they want to award badges then the new UX will not give them
   what they want.

   - But at the moment, we want people to run courses in beta becuase you
   can help us shape what courses can be going forward at P2PU.

   - Next steps: Bekka to work on messaging, share for comments from staff

   - Chris: is there anything we need to tell beta users that they CAN'T

   - They can't give badges within courses

   - Comments are tied to the domain, so we probably won't be able to carry
   comments over

   - Merging history from main p2pu.org site

   - But you CAN embedd more stuff.

   - Feedback Taxonomy [VMG]

   - Scaling our lifestyle [VMG, CE]

   - A trend that has emerged in Vanessa's life is that people like being
   around smart cool people doing interesting things.

   - How can we make this into something liveable?

   - Work on stuff you like, with people you like, and have the freedom to
   go anywhere.


   - Gratitude Awards Nomination [BK] (http://intersectionevent.com/)

   - Some forensic accounting [BK]

   - Community management strategy [BK]

   - Listing of new courses now supported for old/new courses + schools

   - MOOC issues [CE]

   - Chris is using his amazing powers to fix this. It shouldn't be long.

   - Music Hack Day - School of Sound [CE]

   - Went great, Chris won, some beer was drunk, a blog post would be


   - *Priorities (next week's focus)*

   - Feedback Taxonomy [VMG]

   - DML Grantee Check in Reports [VMG]

   - New courses for UX launch

   - Humanities Hack Day @KCL with SoD

   - CSS Framework [CE]

   - MOOC - Email sending by everyone via email [CE]

   - Course UX - tags

   - Sysadmin

   - *Problems (Walls I ran into on the way)*

   - Mechanical MOOC signup problems - should we take down the signup
   option? - Nope, it will be fixed very soon.

   - *Process (org stuff)*

   - Bekka's office hours - Mondays and Thursdays in an effort to not get
   kicked out my Phd
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