[p2pu-dev] OAuth2 Support

Paul Osman paul at eval.ca
Tue Jul 24 19:40:52 UTC 2012

Hey Folks, 

Since I'm no longer able to come into Agora every day, here's my status update:

I've got OAuth2 service provider support mostly working in Lernanta. Once I've got some tests, I'll push my changes to a branch on Github. Things that are outstanding:

* A mechanism for registering applications. Basically a form that asks for a name, description and redirect URI. It should be able to display a generated client id and client secret to the person registering an app. Also, apps are associated with user accounts on p2pu.org, so the user must be logged in.

* A nice looking authorization page. This is where the user will be redirected to when they're logging in from another site. If we want to get fancy, we should build one that's mobile friendly too.

I'll update once it's in Github so you can test it out from my branch. 

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