[p2pu-dev] Reply by email to notifications, formatting

Stian Håklev shaklev at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 16:11:07 UTC 2012

I will be very happy to buy whoever implemented this a beer the next time
we meet! This is really awesome - I've been begging for this kind of
functionality for ever, and it's a bit overwhelming to actually see it
implemented, and working perfectly! :))

I wonder if we can have a look at the formatting of the messages though,
currently there seems to be a lot of "cruft"... here's an example message:

Chinese for shopkeepers was updated.

Stian Haklev posted a new comment at Experimenting.

This actually works

See comment at: https://p2pu.org/comments/19235/

You can reply to this comment by email! Just type your reply at the top.

The P2PU Team

Manage how often you get these delightful messages at:

The actual comment is just one line long, and it is buried under all the
other "chrome" (especially if you get a lot of update messages, where 90%
of the contents is the same). Looking at GitHub, for example, they use the
username as sender, without faking the sending email (something like from:
Stian Haklev <reply+34093409 at p2pu.org>).

We also talked a few times about assigning, or letting the user assign,
short codes to courses. That way the name of the course could be embedded
in the subject line, and the actual subject of the message (or of the
task). So instead of seeing

P2PU        Stian Haklev posted a new comment in Chinese for Shop
in the inbox overview, we could see
Stian Haklev      [chin-shopkeep] What are the most important characters
for advertising?

and the e-mail could be compressed to something like this:

from: Stian Haklev <reply-340924093 at p2pu.org>
subj: [chin-shopkeep] What are the most important characters for

I was reading about different characters used in monetary transactions
yesterday, and I wondered whether 快 or 块 was actually the correct
signifier? The literature differs.


This message was posted in the Chinese for Shopkeepers Course <http://f/> on
P2PU. View thread <http://f/>, or respond to this message directly.

Just a suggestion, but I'd love to see some tinkering with this format.

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