[p2pu-dev] Tech call 2012-07-11 notes

Dirk Uys dirk at p2pu.org
Thu Jul 12 10:04:21 UTC 2012

*11 July*

   - Progress

   - release went out

   - incl. reply by email feature, works, but still needs a few updates /

   - "out of office" notification loops

   - scrub email addresses

   - *major* update to the install process - it's super easy now, only 4

   - here is how it works -> https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta-dev-env

   - mechanical mooc software almost done

   - still a few UX tweaks needed, waiting for content / script

   - Priorities

   - [John] Collapsing courses, study groups, challenges into one model ->

   - [John] Add ability to facilitate cohorts in courses

   - [Chris] Revising CSS framework (migrating to twitter bootstrap)

   - [Aleks/Chris] Clean up of site design

   - [Nadeem/Dirk] Moving forward on metrics, currently reviewing what we
   have, speccing out what we need

   - [Dirk] Add conversion tracking to google analytics

   - [Dirk] Course creation

   - Problems

   - responsive design issues in twitter bootstrap for mechanical mooc

   - Process

   - Still need a better/clear way to deal with feature requests - how to
   handle requests coming through github issue tracker?

   - Next steps:

   - [Chris] update instructions URL
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