[p2pu-dev] files from old blog not moved

Jessy Kate Schingler jessy at jessykate.com
Sun Jul 8 09:56:16 UTC 2012

hmm yeah i just googled around and apparently "file export" means it
includes links to your old blog! what plonkers. i think we need stian or
someone with ssh access to zip up the old uploads/ directory and we can
sftp it over to the new server. ideally we would transfer directly from
server to server since it could be big. so,

- philipp create either me or stian an ssh account on the dreamhost server
- stian do you mind either giving me ssh access to your server or zipping
up that uploads directory and sftp-ing it over? (i can guide you through if
you're not sure how to do that!)


On Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 7:38 PM, Philipp Schmidt <philipp at p2pu.org> wrote:

> Hey Jessy - I think some of the files from the old blog didn't migrate
> over. For example, I have a link to this photo embedded on my personal blog:
> http://blogs.p2pu.org/files/2010/11/p2pu.jpg
> and it doesn't show up.
> I only noticed because by embedding it on my blog, I now also get that
> stupid google malware warning. So annoying! Is there anything we can do to
> tell google we are not the bad guys?
> P

Jessy Kate Schingler
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