[p2pu-dev] update on P2PU blog (moved servers / new URL info.p2pu.org)

Philipp Schmidt philipp at p2pu.org
Sat Jul 7 09:39:38 UTC 2012

You may have noticed some problems with blogs.p2pu.org in the last few
days. We got indexed as a source of malware by google. Accessing the site
through Chrome would require you to click through a warning screen. We are
fairly certain that the issue is not with our wordpress site, but with
other sites on the shared server.

-> However, we decided to migrate to a different server host, onto a clean
WP install.

-> We also moved our blog to a new URL -> info.p2pu.org

At the Berlin office we had been working on a more comprehensive space for
projects and the community, and decided to combine it with the current
blog. We'll send more info about posting to the site soon, but it made
sense to migrate now as we moved to a new host. We aren't pushing people to
the site yet, because some of the content is still draft.

Requests to http://blogs.p2pu.org should redirect to
http://info.p2pu.orgautomatically (this works for all subpages and
existing blog posts). If you
encounter any problems or errors, please let us know asap. We had to juggle
a bunch of things at the same time in the end to get this done by the end
of the week.

Thanks to Jessy, Dirk, Chris, and Stian for making the technical migration
happen. And everyone else in Berlin for content sprinting.

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