[p2pu-dev] Standup Notes from July 6, 2012

Vanessa Gennarelli vanessa at p2pu.org
Fri Jul 6 08:16:28 UTC 2012

*Standup Notes July 6

Yesterday: School of Open, Creative Commons, blog pages
Today: School of Open, Creative Commons, Fabricators person (Spencer)
coming to talk to us
Spirit Animal: gray Wolf

Yesterday: Email script
Today: Finish Mechanical MOOC
Alter Ego: Magician

Yesterday: Completed showcase
Today: Finishing showcase (send pictures! write stories!), review content
of courses
Spirit Animal: brown backed lion

Yesterday: Development script, provisioning a server, it builds servers, it
gets a dev environment up and running in 3 hours
Today: Same
Spirit animal: Porcupine

Yesterday & Today: Writing for the Open Master’s Handbook
Does anyone know lightweight open drawing tools (like Photoshop)--will show
and tell later
Calls for Open Master’s Program
Spirit animal: Dolphin

Yesterday: help with setup for Wordpress blog, contacted OurWorld2.0 for
their theme, finished performance review indicators, they are now
P2PU-ified :)
Today: School of Ed South Africa, CERN, writing content for blog, showcase
Spirit animal: Elephant (or the Agora small white dog that is very playful
& frenetic)

Yesterday: Wordpress wrangling (it’s the new dance)
Today: Science-related course content for P2PU--related to CERN, and
customizing the particle-quest game
Spirit animal: Spider

Yesterday: support stuffs, notifications and security
Today: working with Vanessa to update copy for notifications, reply by
email text, testing, speak with Nadeem, metric things & use cases
Spirit animal: Goldfish

Yesterday: blog stuff, budget updates, invoice managing
Today: budget stuff, invoices, send her your receipts!!!
Spirit animal: Mole, blinking at the sun

Yesterday: School of Data call, performance review stuff, course creation
help content
Today: notifications, P2PU’s theory of learning, card sorting, Paul Allison
Spirit animal: Lemur*

Vanessa Gennarelli
Learning Lead, Peer 2 Peer University
vanessa at p2pu.org
@mozzadrella <https://twitter.com/#!/mozzadrella>
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