[p2pu-dev] REMINDER: This Week's Extra Special Sauce Community Call

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Tue Jul 3 15:25:37 UTC 2012

Hello good people near and far

This is an extra-special call - we're rebooting things to make them more
fun and interesting. And, of course, we want to make sure that we can share
all the stuff that's been going down in Berlin over the last couple of days.

As usual, it's all happening on an etherpad:
http://pad.p2pu.org/p/community-20120705 - for call times and numbers, see

1. We have a new feature on the call!
Project report backs will be a regular item now, so that people who are
working on brilliant projects within P2PU can share their progress and get
feedback. If you have one, add it. Add it now.

2. Vanessa has rummaged in her bag of tricks, and pulled out some more
research magic for us all. If everyone can fill this in before the meeting,
it would be AMAZING:

Matchmaker, matchmaker...

Think through to the last learning project you undertook, and answer the

When starting a learning project, I typically: *

   -  Think it through.
   -  Try it out.
   -  Ask someone else.

When I work collaboratively, I prefer to work with folks at the following
level of expertise:

   -  At my level--we're all in it together!
   -  More advanced folks--I want to be challenged.
   -  Newbies--It's fun to teach others.

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   - *8:00 am San Francisco *[anchor time, other times may shift with
   daylight savings]

   - (Shared google calendar should always have the correct time)


   - US Toll Free:  +1 877 395 2347 ***Only use toll-free number if you
   really need to***

   - US Local / International +1 415 763 5901

   - [Telco provided by http://twilio.com via John Britton - Thank you!!!]
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