[p2pu-dev] New Wordpress Site for P2PU

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Tue Jul 3 08:48:42 UTC 2012

Hello good people of P2PU

Some of you may have already seen Jessy's mail about the daily stand-up
reports from the Berlin office - and some of you might be wondering what
all the talk about this mysterious new wordpress site is about. Well,
wonder no longer...

We've been talking about finding a better way of creating working spaces
for our various projects that are supported within p2pu.org for a while.
Then, when we were discussing how best to communicate to the wider
community about what we're doing here, it seemed like a good opportunity to
kill two bloggy birds with one stone, and set up a new wordpress site where
projects will be able to live. Nifty, huh?

It's a little rough at the moment - we're working on it furiously here in
Berlin, and will be making it prettier and adding content over the next few

If you want to give input on the structure of the site, we've set up an
etherpad (what else!) http://pad.p2pu.org/p/org-site-structure

In the meantime, please head over, check out what we're up to, give us
feedback! And if you're interested in contributing, let us know!


Yours, from a slightly soggy Berlin

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