[p2pu-dev] Including Dutch, Swedish and Chinese into p2pu's available translations.

Niklas Karlsson niklas.karlsson at kollaboration.se
Tue Jan 31 09:50:12 UTC 2012


I think the Swedish version looks great! I´ve only found a few sentences 
that have to be changed. I´m not sure  that it is  okay to login, but I 
tried to login in the Swedish version with my ordinary P2PU account  and 
it didn´t work - I had to create a new account.

I´m also curious about when you think P2PU in Swedish and so forth will 
be released.

/ Niklas

On 1/30/12 6:32 PM, zuzel.vp wrote:
> Hi,
> In the past months there has been interest in including translations
> of lernanta to Dutch, Swedish and Chinese. The initial release has a
> bit more of work on the development side since we have to configure
> the translations for third party tools (e.g., ckeditor, datepicker,
> recaptcha, google custom search, ...) and customize some of the css
> (font-sizes, ...). Now that this part is done for these three
> languages we need help from translators to start (i did not find a
> django.po file for chinese but there was a card on the project
> pipeline) or continue maintaining the django.po files at
> 	(search
> for lines marked as fuzzy or for untranslated strings). If I forgot
> one of the languages for which someone started preparing the .po file
> please let me know so I do the initial setup. For those curious about
> how the site looks in those languages take a look at alpha.p2pu.org
> (the language navigation bar is at the footer).

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