[p2pu-dev] And Now for Something Completely Different: This Week's Community Call

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Wed Jan 25 10:19:19 UTC 2012

Hi everyone

This is more than the usual reminder - this is a preview of our all-new,
all-singing, all-dancing, glorious Technicolour community call.
We're mixing up the format - so standups will be added in writing only, and
at the end of the call template, so you'll still be able to see what the
staff is up to, but won't have to sit through the administrativa (which is
no fun for anyone).

We've added three broad headings to the agenda:

   - Agenda (3 formats)

   - *A challenge you need help with*

   - *Any proposals you need feedback on*

   - *Ideas you want collaborators for*?

So if you have an agenda item you want to add, feel free to put it under
these headings, and that way we can make sure you get the attention you

Topics to be discussed this week include:

*The "Donate" button on p2pu.org*
We're moving along with the "donate" button (via paypal) for the site - but
we need to configure it properly. Bekka has done some research and will
provide a short report back, but if you care about how we configure our
donation requests or if you have some experience of fund raising via online
donations, your opinions and advice would be most welcome on the call.

*Webcraft *
Ambassadors and the Latin American community.

So don't forget to add your items to the agenda on the etherpad:

*This week's meeting: Thursday 25th January 2012*

   - *8:00 San Francisco* [anchor time, other times may shift with daylight

   - 11:00 New York

   - 12:00 Sao Paulo

   - 16:00 London

   - 17:00 Berlin / Cape Town

   - 01:00 Sydney (+1 Day) (Winter Time - daylight savings)

   - (Shared google calendar should always have the correct time)

*Conference Call:*

   - US Toll Free:  +1 877 395 2347 ***Only use toll-free number if you
   really need to***

   - US Local / International +1 415 763 5901

   - [Telco provided by http://twilio.com via John Britton - Thank you!!!]
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