[p2pu-dev] l10n in settings.py, working pip freeze?

zuzel.vp zuzel.vp at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 23:00:21 UTC 2012

Image is installed by running:

sudo apt-get install python-imaging

If it is installed in your system but the virtual env is ignoring
site-packages maybe you created the virtual env with the
--no-site-packages option: http://pastie.org/3239991?

l10n.locals or https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta/blob/master/lernanta/apps/l10n/locales.py?

my pip freeze: http://pastie.org/3240007


On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 11:27 PM, Lucas Vickers <lucasvickers at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I couldn't find a searchable mailing list history so I apologize for
> potential repeat question.
> I am currently unable to find the package Image.  There are too many options
> for me to guess
>   File "/home/django/lernanta/lernanta/apps/drumbeat/storage.py", line 2, in
> <module>
>     import Image
> ImportError: No module named Image
> I am also unable to find l10n.locals and had no luck guessing the package.
> I am on ubuntu and followed the
> instructions https://github.com/p2pu/lernanta/wiki/Lernanta%27s-Setup-Install,
> which brings me to the question -- does anyone have a functional pip freeze
> file they could send my way to save me from tracking down each and every
> package?
> thanks!
> Lucas
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