[p2pu-dev] Required sign-up questions?

Maria Droujkova droujkova at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 15:20:05 UTC 2012


Starting the new course reminded me of a problem I'd like to see resolved.
There are three sets of questions when you sign up - standard, public and
private. Can we make answers to them REQUIRED (as an option) before people
even can sign up?

Right now the procedure is:

Set the course to "moderated"
Receive the incomplete sign-up
Contact/reply to the person explaining what's wrong (and they justifiably
reply, as one of my students just did, "But the form did not say it was
Wait for them to post answers as a comment to their sign-up

Making answers required would remove a major headache.

Maria Droujkova

Make math your own, to make your own math
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