[p2pu-dev] Notes from Community Call - January 12th 2012

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Thu Jan 12 18:58:50 UTC 2012

Hello good people of P2PU

Here are the notes from this week's community call. It was a great call, we
got some really exciting news about projects in Panama, with Trisfera, and
the School of Math Future.
Thanks to everyone who joined the call, and as always, all notes and chat
transcripts can be found on the etherpad: http://pad.p2pu.org/community2
*January 12 th*

   - *Attendees*

   - Chloe

   - Philipp

   - Zuzel

   - Bekka

   - Alison

   - MariaD
   - Alexis

   - *Standups*

   - Alison

   - general new courses

   - semester dev

   - Bekka

   - General admin

   - Paypal paperwork

   - Contracting & onboarding for Aleks

   - Chloe

   - DML Grant (in progress)

   - Community Badges (agenda item)

   - Implementing Feedback on Challenge Materials (live next week)
   http://pad.p2pu.org/makeachallenge  +
   http://www.flickr.com/photos/p2puniversity/sets/72157628490543813/ (updated
   slides after feedback from community)

   - Design Assessment Features (in progress)

   - NSF Grant School of Games (in progress)

   - John (travelling)

   - Philipp

   - Budget 2012

   - DML Grant

   - Assessment Paper

   - Zuzel

   - - 2 wisdom teeth and looking like a potato today :D (as long as you
   don't feel like one) nop, my face just feels big :D Hope they gave you
   good drugs, Zuzel! Yep, I am taking three kinds of pills every 6 hours.

   - Only typing in this community call (learning from yesterday's
   experience: don't talk in the morning because it will hurt in the afternoon
   ;) ) ha! +1

   - Finished 0.1 version of integrating external interactive content with
   a task ("Work on this Task" button + window.open + postMessage for
   communication) --
   http://alpha.p2pu.org/en/groups/test-webmaking-101/content/task1/ (login
   with user-10/password to test)

   - Included more flexibility for google analitics tracking of particular
   pages (e.g, home page of an specific school, home page of an specific
   challenge set, and home page and tasks pages of an specific challenge) so
   we can send data from part of the site to a google analytics account. --
   https://etherpad.mozilla.org/Metrics will make use of this

   - Currently commiting backend changes for the Challenge Fixes 1.0 board
   and will do a release as soon as possible

   - The interviews for hiring a new developer are moving fordward

   - Started updating links on dev docs and giving some attention to
   lighthouse which has not being active since we started using trello.

   - Chloe and I organized the cards on

   - First Sprint here :

   - The date for the hackasaurus launch was postponed (we don't know the
   new dates yet)

   - Next two weeks I will be working on implementing: Community review of
   Courses & Profile changes with release date around the 27th

   - *New Courses*

   - *Trisfera Project / **READY en espanol*

   - Cómo empezar con una página web

   - http://trisfera.com/camp/

   - A group that started about 1 year ago

   - Running projects and workshops on their univrsity campus

   - realised that in a lab, they could only help a few people

   - started developing a platform to run workshops online, but decided it
   wasbetter to use an exisiting platform

   - tried Khan academy, liked the features but realised that they couldn't
   create their own workshops

   - Found P2PU via Mozilla, like the ethos and share our ideals

   - Summer project is to help people with little or no knowledge of web
   development, and help them build their own projects

   - Have translated all the webmaking 101 challenges and posted them for
   people to follow (amazing!) but looking for some more advanced challenges.
   Translated challenges can be found here:

   - Chloe -> we're working on building more advanced ones, as well as
   hackasaurus challanges, but anyone is welcome to build their own.

   - Alexis -> we're happy to help develop new, more advanced challanges

   - En este taller el participante experimentará el proceso de concepción,
   organización y diseño de una página web. Al finalizar el taller el
   participante habrá concebido un sitio web original, reservado un dominio,
   elaborado un mapa del sitio y diseñado bosquejos para las ventanas más

   - Preséntate -- Introduce yourself

   - Elige el tema de tu sitio web -- Choose the topic of your website

   - Elige el nombre de tu sitio web -- Choose the name of your website

   - Organiza el contenido de tu sitio web -- Organize the content of your

   - Elabora la metáfora visual para tu sitio web

   - Bosqueja tu sitio web


   - Open Enterprise: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/open-enterprise/

   - Open Source Ecology: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/open-source-ecology/

   - Grids: Mathematics and Pedagogy:

   - *Showcase items*

   - still missing Webcraft post... ( sorry for being so flakey with this
   >> we need to first find out what will be happening with School of Webcraft
   :/ Maybe it will not exist in the same context)

   - this week: trisfera camp spotligh

   - next week: excerpts from NaNoWriMo

   - *Agenda*

   - Hackasaurus Challenges

   - Confirming that everything is ready for soft launch on Monday 16th

   - Launch was postponed (we don't now the new dates yet)

   - Put together a communication plan for launch

   - Bekka -> I'm happy to help develop any text/plan for the launch
   communication (Thanks! Will involve you once that gets started)

   - Update on OBI / P2PU integration plan [Sunny] (project manager for
   badges at Mozilla)

   - We will touch base again with Brian at the end on January

   - Our last update from him was that the API was undergoing in a
   considerable change on January so he recomended us to wait before updating

   - Input on cross-p2pu community Badges [Chloe]

   - Chloe has been preparing a survey to go out next week, to gather
   feedback for better challanges / badges/what people want for the future

   - Right now, in discussions at SoW, it's possible to award badges
   between peers. (there are currently 3 different badges)

   - Chloe would like input on the text that has been developed for badges
   and on other possible badges

   - Please give feedback to Chloe via the pad, and email

   - Philipp -> it's important for us all to make sure that they think
   about these badges, and they go to the core of what the interaction in our

   - They're not peripheral, cute, things. They will drive what we think
   good peer learning is.

   - Philipp -> I'm worried that people will get confused if we offer them
   too many, and if the differences between them aren't totally clear.

   - Better to pick a few which make perfect sense to all of us, and then
   we can add more to the initial prototype

   - Chloe -> We have actually prototyped these

   - Philipp -> What did we learn from the prototype?

   - The survey will help us understand what we learnt, at the moment, what
   we've learnt is anecdotal

   - The evaluation will tell us how many people who have used them, and
   the system can tell us how many have been issued

   - They require no extra development time

   - *Ask*: Can we get some initial data (stats) before we do the survey,
   and share this with the community, then let them know that these numbers
   will form the basis of our future devleopment

   - Bringing Chat back [Brylie]

   - Philipp, John, Chloe and I talked about how to move this feature
   forward yesterday

   - Agreed that we have other issues with the site that we should address

   - We will like to support volunteers who will want to take ownership of
   this feature

   - Proposed that a volunteer could follow our current project pipeline
   methodology (Share wireframes with community list, Listen to feedback, make
   changes to design, Build prototype and get final community review, Test
   reliability, then ask Zuzel to merge)

   - Zuzel: one  update about the chat feature development is that we
   reached brylei and elf in case they  can volunteer for developing this
   changes (waiting for reply from  brylei) elf is  busy so he can't take
   ownership but could work in small bits

   - Blog needs has static "about P2PU" text

   - Added a new section to the sidebar of http://blog.p2pu.org . Please

   - Looks great!

   - awesome thanks!!

   - Maria: an update on Math Future:

   - Planning a class for spring/fall on teaching for future math teachers,
   technology professionals and people who do online projects.

   - Want to run it as a MOOC and will use the P2PU platform

   - Might be useful to link up with Karen (School of ED) who knows a lot
   about teacher PF and can help get the word out

   - School of Webcraft Future (very early stages of this

   - SoW was something we developed with Mozilla, as a response to the lack
   of good teaching for web developers, Mozilla was interested in content, and
   we were interested in the learning philosophy stuff

   - One of the problems from the start was ownership - was it Mozilla's?
   P2PU's? Who looks after the community?

   - Mozilla is positioning themselves as the place that people who are
   webmakers (not just/only developers and learners) are oriented, and

   - they focus on communities (hackasuarus, popcorn, Mojo etc) but there
   is no community of web developers.

   - Question is, what to do with the web developers?

   - Different scenarios

   - Smaller concrete projects with projects within Mozilla

   - Same as before (find a person to run the content/community side,)

   - possible strong support for latin american leadership

   - P2PU takes over

   - Do we want to be a place where web developers go? probably not,
   Mozilla is a better place for them

   - Alison -> concerned about what will happen when/if Mozilla remove
   their branding from P2PU SoW, which is such a strong space within our
   community, and a source of a lot of the cool stuff that happens within
   P2PU, independent of any staff activity

   - Philipp -> This will not happen - there is no plan to "remove" their
   branding. We will continue to work with Mozilla in various ways including
   some form of Webcraft.

   - Alison -> it would be nice if the community of users has a voice in
   whatever happens to the community, and the decision isn't only made at the
   high level

   - Alexis: Lots of energy coming from South and Central America - focused
   on web development and open web development

   - For example Trisfera is committed to supporting training for open web
   skills, as an alternative to the closed proprietary training options that
   exist elsewhere

   - Would be sad if the webcraft side goes away

   - Plan to keep using P2PU as long as possible

   - Is there something that School of Webcraft can do to help groups like
   Alexis' lives easier/better?

   - Blog post was helpful

   - Can give more feedback as the summercamp gets more advanced

   - Would some form of "recognition" (formal role, e.g. "Webcraft
   Ambassador") help?

   - Ambassador programme -> http://blogs.p2pu.org/blog/2011/12/06/567/

   - Ambassadors like the fedora and ubuntu communities may help
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