[p2pu-dev] Notes from Community Call - 5 January 2012

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Thu Jan 5 18:42:57 UTC 2012

Happy New Year, everyone!

And what better way to kick it all off than with the P2PU community call,
right? Right.
Thanks to everyone who joined in; as always all notes and chat transcripts
can be found on the pad: http://pad.p2pu.org/community2

January 5th*

   - Attendees

   - Alison

   - Bekka

   - Brylie

   - Chloe

   - John

   - Philipp

   - Zuzel

   - Standups

   - Alison

   - travel/moving

   - Bekka

   - Following up some workshop payments

   - Contracting

   - Insurance paperwork (oh, the glamour of it all)

   - Chloe

   - Sick :/ - feel better

   - Need some feedback before going live (Ali?) >> Curriculum for Making a
   Challenge http://pad.p2pu.org/makeachallenge

   - FAQ for Challenges http://pad.p2pu.org/challenge101

   - (forgot) Working with Jessy on curriculum for Webcraft 202 - so far we
   have draft for one challenge

   - John

   - Hiring

   - Designer

   - Hired Aleks, waiting on contracts (thanks Bekka)

   - Part time

   - Developer

   - Technical screening process

   - 10+ interviews this week

   - John has asked people who are viable hires to join the community call
   and set up a dev environment

   - Consolidation of Courses / Study Groups / Challenges

   - Email to community for input, closes in one week

   - Will send recommendation next week

   - Brandbook finished

   - Philipp

   - DML proposal draft 1

   - Assessment paper review

   - Preparing for budget review board meeting in Jan

   - Cyberlab project letter of support

   - Zuzel

   - Moving forward with the development for the Hackasaurus launch (16

   - Making sure we are tracking everything needed to report

   - Starting to merge Atul's iframe/postMessage solution for external task

   - Commiting backend code for challenge 1.0 fixes

   - Found etherpad admin password in a conf file and disabled chat ping +1!

   - Alan (absent)

   - Met with someone from Second Muse (organizers of Random Hacks of
   Kindness) about helping with promotion / possible sponsorship of Design
   Thinking course.  Possibly interested in pursuing another course called the
   Blank Slate Project (designing a system of ethics from the ground up). They
   also offered help with organizing hackathons if needed and space in Berlin
   if we want (Beta House).

   - Met with Ashoka U and getting ready for the workshop in Feb. Love the
   idea of the Peer Masters and talking now about it being a three-level
   program with a Peer Bachelors, Peer Masters, and Peer PhD, possibly
   interest in co-branding some level of that.

   - Goals for this week:

   - Meet John in NYC to go over strategy for Design Thinking and the

   - Finally send Microgrant App (sorry...)

   - Figure out what the proposal I'm putting in for OEW looks like by Jan

   - New Courses


   - Social Media & Citizenship:

   - History of Digital Liberation:

   - Cinematography: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/cinematography/

   - Probability: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/probability/

   - Da los primeros pasos en PHP:
   http://p2pu.org/en/groups/da-los-primeros-pasos-en-php/ (for Trisfera
   Jan 10 event)

   - MAYBE:

   - Web User Experience Design:

   - Contabilidad basica: http://p2pu.org/es/groups/contabilidad-basica/

   - OTHER:

   - Python Programming: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/python-programming (testing
   space for organizers)

   - Ali is working with the community and seeing continual creation of
   "courses" and "study groups" that would benefit from the challenge model

   - would like to see all formats look like a challenge but organizer can
   choose name - "study group" "course" "challenge" to suit their expectations

   - People using P2PU to create study groups for certification and
exams - would
   be nice to design template for this use since it's so common

   - Quiz functionality may be beneficial to help participants prepare and
   organizers to validate progress

   - Showcase items

   - webcraft will go up

   - NaNoWriMo

   - Brandbook & Logo Updates [John]

   - mail sent to community

   - colours have been updated, so that it works better on a white

   - Is there a color palette (hex color scheme?) publicly available?

   - Rather than being a font, the logo is drawn with blocks

   - Fonts are in the dropbox, but can't be publicly posted, since we had
   to pay for them, so any community member wanting to use them, will need to
   speak to a staff member, who will be able to help them out. (this has to do
   with different licenses for different weights, John can clarify if anyone
   has any questions)

   - What needs to be updated?

   - Blog

   - Letterhead

   - Website

   - Twitter icon

   - FB page

   - Run a seminar/call on challenges and get community to set up
   challenges [Philipp]

   - Idea is to run a short, 10 (20? 30?) minute live workshop for people
   within the community to learn how to create, design and run a challenge

   - could use the weekly call time, for the live session, but push it out
   to the wider community further.

   - Get feedback from the community on the materials Chloe has created
   already, and see how they are used

   - Chloe: maybe it would be good to have a semi-regular webinar format?

   - PS: Webinars are great (an online version of the mini challenge
   creation events Chloe is working on with John)

   - Open formats, provide transcripts please

   - If the webinar materials are archived publicly - a i see, yes
   ofcourse. so eventually people could run their own :-)

   - PS: But would use the community call for first one

   - also a good way to get people onto the call, which is something we want

   - Challenge creation and stewardship

   - Community actively validating badge submissions.

   - It may be helpful if badge submissions are mutable, as requirements
   change and peer feedback may suggest improvements.
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