[p2pu-dev] REMINDER: P2PU Community Call - 5 January 2012

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Wed Jan 4 09:33:37 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone

Don't forget to add your agenda items for this week to the new meeting pad (
http://pad.p2pu.org/community2). The agenda for this meeting is already

*This week's meeting will take place on January 5th*

8:00 San Francisco
11:00 New York
12:00 Sao Paulo
16:00 London
17:00 Berlin / Cape Town
01:00 Sydney (+1 Day) (Winter Time - daylight savings)
(Shared google calendar should always have the correct time)

Conference Call:
US Toll Free:  +1 877 395 2347 **Only use toll-free number if you
really need to**
US Local / International +1 415 763 5901
[Telco provided by http://twilio.com via John Britton - Thank you!!!]
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