[p2pu-dev] Relationships app in Lernanta

Jos Flores josmasflores at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 20:51:49 UTC 2012

Hi guys, I'm a bit puzzled about the Relationships app, if anyone
could shed some light here I'd be very grateful (and I'll document it
in the wiki!).

It seems to be linked with up to 3 main structures, Users, Projects,
and Activities.

Although the documentation says that any 'Model' can be both source or
target, the source seems to be very tied to Users, and the target to
both Users and Projects. Is this a way of creating relationships
between users in the sense of following a certain user? If that is
correct, what do Project models have to do in this relationship?

The link with Activity seems to affect only the follow_handler method,
which I think I understand how it works and if my previous assumption
is correct, I could see why this method is in the models.py file of
that particular app. If that is not the case then I'm lost again.

Thanks for your time and any help highly appreciated!

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