[p2pu-dev] Notes tech call 2012-02-22

zuzel.vp zuzel.vp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 23:47:35 UTC 2012

Feb 22

 * Hackasaurus Challenges (Are we rolling out a major UI update by
Monday? - mentioned by Laura during MoFo call on Tuesday)
   * No major update. Just adding badges she sent to the challenges/tasks.
   * And MoFo people need to recreate the challenges to change the URLs.
   * Do we have all the data we need for the new badges?
     * Saw laura was including logic descriptions with the badges (are
those going to be changed or is a new instance of the logic model with
min_votes 3 and min average 2 going to be created?
       * Chloe: We are not doing any logic updates for these badges.
   * Zuzel and Chloe stay on the call after 11 am to setup badges
   * What was said on the MoFo call? Just that - some major update coming ;-)
 * Future Updates
   * The learn page which is the next big UI update depends on the
community review functionality so it will probably not happen by
Monday (so it will not affect their challenge launch)
     * Thought we could try to have the learn page without the
community reviewed filter and add the filter when the community review
functionality is ready and we have a good number of courses reviewed
(depends on when the design is ready)
     * Can someone write this up and share with the community/staff
when we launch?
   * Any updates on the Aleks/John's designs for the jobs/staff/learn pages?
     * Should we move the release for next Friday so there is time to
finish the designs/implementation and for the accepting/testing step?
     * Should we add a column or color tags for designing stage (i.e.,
aleks/john's work) on the project pipeline?
     * PSDs are pretty much done, will link them on the card today.
Aleks is finishing up the Learn page today.
       * staff: http://f.cl.ly/items/3r1g3M2K3Z0m3G0J0T3X/P2PU-team-stuff-v2.jpg
       * jobs: http://f.cl.ly/items/3r1g3M2K3Z0m3G0J0T3X/P2PU-team-page-v2.jpg
     * TODO: John write guide for different featured categories on the
new learn page
 * Should we start sharing notes from this call to p2pu-dev?
   * What's the benefit?
     * Be more transparent about what's going on
   * Yes / no?
     * Chloe: no/ someone needs to edit = extra work
     * Philipp: yes/ let's just do minor edits - keep them rough ok
for dev list @.@ :)
     * Zuzel: If we don't take notes regarding hiring interviews or
something that shouldn't go to the list we can send them to the list.
I don't think they will be usefull all the time but if people are
curious we should send them.
   * Gunner: filter for "news I can use" (things that will impact you,
where you can help, what you have to know...)
   * Decision:
     * We all keep good notes during the call (suitable for dev list audience)
     * Zuzel reviews and sends to the list after the call
 * No discussion / just parking this for now -> Good metrics examples
   * http://openmi.ch/-board (dmalicke at umich.edu - Dave Malicke set this up)
   * Needs discussion about metrics next steps (not for now)
 * Etherpad Lite Next Steps
   * Planned migration date: March 2nd
     * Shut down pad server so there is no editing that gets lost
     * Then migrate
     * Then bring back up
   * We will try to keep the same URL -> pad.p2pu.org no "/p/" on the new one
     * Update search script for new server
   * Will email work?
   * First question -> can we have private pads in groups in Etherpad Lite?
     * Do etherpad little sends emails? If so does the email work?
     * If groups are possible -> please make the email work!
   * TODO:
     * Zuzel to let the community / dev lists know
 * OBI status / update:
   * TODO: Zuzel email to Brian see if the api is stable now (cc chloe)
 * Update avatar images
   * Suggestion is to use alison's drawings (stick figures). Yes,
let's move ahead ok.
   * need to upload the way we interface with gravatar
     * send different size images to gravatar as default
 * Use Alison's drawings in other places:
   * For Jobs page: http://p2pu.tumblr.com/post/18065911089/were-building-p2pu
     * Could also use for HTTP 500 and 404
     * For server maintenance
     * We need another one for 400

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