[p2pu-dev] Notes from this week's community call, 16 February 2012.

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Thu Feb 16 20:44:06 UTC 2012

Hi everyone

Here are the notes from this week's call - thanks to all who joined in, and
helped us experiment with the new format.

Remember, from this week onwards, all notes will now be indexed here:
http://pad.p2pu.org/community-call  Just follow the links to the current
week's notes, and upcoming meeting pads...

For those of you recieving these notes via the P2PU Dev list - this is the
last week we'll be posting to this list (you guys get enough email as it
is). So if you aren't already on the   Community List, and want to join,
you can do so here:

Or, catch up with the notes via the P2PU blog (http://blogs.p2pu.org/)

Right, and after all that, here are this week's notes. You'll find the
originals, and the chat transcript, on the etherpad:
http://pad.p2pu.org/community-20120216 and the summary and links on the
blog (http://blogs.p2pu.org/)

*Attendees (welcome to any newbies)*

   - Add your name (and twitter handle) here

   - Alan

   - Alison

   - John

   - Philipp

   - Piet

   - Zuzel

   - Gunner

   - Bekka

   - Brylie (brylie on identi.ca)

*What have you been up to? Short **written** notes (we'll discuss only if
there are questions)*

   - Alison

   - reviewing new courses

   - DIY U

   - Bekka

   - Has swine flu :( [actually a mild case - piglet flu] lol I'm better
   now, okay?

   - Meetings: Coding 4 Kids - they're interested in challenges

   - CCC - citizen cyberscience people for hackday this Saturday

   - Chloe (not on the etherpad - phone only)

   - Webmaking 101 report

   - Various documentation and reports / posters around challenges

   - Feedback / Support for others working on challenges, including HackJam

   - John

   - Interviewing more developers

   - Learn page moving into development

   - Mocking up Community Reviewed Groups feature

   - Reviewing Group Creation with Chloe

   - Webmaking 101 Español Challenge Set [Did Alexis make these
challenges?] (yes,
   packaged them up nicely and featured them at http://p2pu.org/webcraft

   - Reviewing Pull Requests

   - Summer Intern Program

   - Philipp

   - School of Data project plan and fundraising (OSI/Shuttleworth/IDRC)

   - Partnership agreement guidelines (from board) incl. trademarks

   - what does that mean??

   - Board wants legal agreements in place with partners to cover things we
   haven't really codified in the past. I'm drafting a template. Had calls
   with board members about what they want to see in these agreements.

   - I'm not a huge fan of detailed legal agreements (not really
   enforceable anyway) but it makes sense to have a little more process as we
   develop these partnerships.

   - DML competition prep for finals

   - Webmaking 101 report

   - Zuzel

   - Helping with the preparation of the Webmaking 101 report (in progress:
   automate the reports and check all numbers are corrent)

   - Helping with the etherpadlittle setup

   - Will be increasing size of dev to allow migration of pads into

   - Alan

   - Ran a workshop at the Ashoka U Exchange, went really well.  Am working
   on a blog post summary of what we did.  Am working now on pitching similar
   thing for Rio +20, Bioneers, and Net Impact in particular.

   - Would like to get feedback on the Peer Masters in Changemaking (
   http://pad.p2pu.org/masters ) picked up a few more participants this
   weekend at the Exchange.  Many challenges still to work out about how to
   make this happen, but interest and enthusiasm is growing.

*News of the week*
*Written** notes on what's going on in our world (bring up special
announcements on the call)*

   - Blog posts you wrote

   - http://blogs.p2pu.org/blog/2012/02/15/its-all-about-community/

   - Articles you read

   - Initiatives you heard about want to know about:

   - Koelle Alaaf!!! Isch bin 'ne Raeuber -
   =yY2YJAZPEic <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY2YJAZPEic>

*Key updates*
*Super short updates about P2PU*

   - Exciting new courses to check out (Alison)

   - Online Maps with Leaflet:

   - Trisfera Camp Continues! (w/ more under development): Crea un
   guestbook con PHP y AJAX:

   - Plan a Hackasaurus Hackjam:

   - Development priorities (Zuzel)

   - Current:

   - Jobs/Staff page (main priority) -- pending files from John/Aleks

   - Merge pull requests (in progress)

   - If there is time left assorted challenges/badges improvements (from
   sprint challenges fixes 1.1 sprint

   - Next (currently on spec/feedback stage):

   - Community Review of Courses

   - Learn Page Changes

*Core of the call. Focused on four types of conversations (invited guests,
challenges you need help with, proposals you want feedback on, ideas you
need collaborators for). *

   - Add your agenda items here. Provide a link to background materials you
   want the community to review prior to the call.

   - Update on agenda planning going forward [Bekka]

   - Outside guests / Ideas?

   - Piet was recently at Educause meeting last week where he met Gardner
   Campbell (Virgina Tech)

   - Interesting guy for peer learning, but situated in the university

   - Involved in DS106 with Jim Groom

   - Think about tying P2PU into the traditional system (to bring the many *
   explode* P2PU)

   - Start building connections with people in traditional universities

   - Piet to speak about Open Mich work

   - Someone from Mozilla Open Badges

   - Someone from School of Data (Laura)

   - *TODO*:

   - Bekka to follow up with Piet on dates

   - Bekka to contact Laura to speak about School of Data

   - Philipp to follow up with Gardner (unless someone else wants to)

   - Prepworks

   - Learn Page [John]

   - Please take a look here: http://cl.ly/2J0N3H1d3J021I0u1F1t

   - This is the mockup that came out of this week's dev call

   - What we have here is better than what we have - so let's get it out

   - "Shipped" is always better than "perfect"

   - Header remains the same across the site

   - Community picks is default view

   - Autoload so you can see more as you scroll (sorted by recent activity)

   - Navigation along the left hand side

   - Popular tags feature - we have tags enabled on the site, but many of
   them are only used once, the tags that show on this page would be the most
   popular ones.

   - Filters will allow for search by language, and by community review

   - Browsing section:

   - At least 2 columns

   - Questions:

   - Alison: Do you need help tagging for languages? I can help. How do we
   tag courses that don't have localization yet (localization = interface /
   course language is separate)

   - John: Yes, help needed with tagging.

   - John: Courses without a localisation still need to be tagged/marked as

   - Brylie: Will it scale for mobile?

   - John: We should try and start building that in - this is a mockup at
   the moment, no design done yet, but we should keep it in mind.

   - Philipp: Will the top area change based on filters?

   - John: yes it does. So if you click on Staff Favourites, it would
   become "Learn/ <whatever is selected>

   - Philipp: Do we have "search"? (using google or needs backend search

   - Still have the Google-powered search that we currently have, but the
   tag search will be enabled.

   - Brylie: Can the search functionality be integrated with other keyword
   based search? Having multiple search boxes may be confusing for users and
   detract from usability.

   - Philipp: process point - perhaps we could have had email comment from
   people beforehand, but this looks great.

   - Zuzel: any influence from things like "under development", "open for
   signup" status on this page?

   - Yes, this has an effect on this page. If a course is under review, or
   archived it will not show up.

   - Piet, Alan, and Allison had a discussion in the sidebar about listing
   courses that are proposed or under development so that people could +1,
   like, indicate interest, follow, or whatever... eg:

   - This needs an "owner" and next steps. Great discussion!

   - Ali - would it be useful to share the dev call notes?

   - good idea - share with the dev list... added a note to the dev call

   - Gunner: filter for "news I can use" (things that will impact you,
   where you can help, what you have to know...)

   - Sharing SoW Report [Chloe & Philipp]

   - Philipp: this report had 3 purposes: getting better at reports,
   figuring out how well badges/challenges are working/how did Webmaking 101
   work, specifically in the context of the partnership with Mozilla

   - Chloe: Planning to release the full report this week or early next
   week, will give full feedback next week's call when the report is ready.

   - Chloe -> A few highlights / key results:

   - 80% of users liked the experience, but see room for improvements,

   - people said they would like to see more advanced challenges,

   - people also wanted more web design challenges.

   - Audience was surprisingly advanced (even though the challenges were
   designed for total beginners) and asked for more advanced challenges.

   - People stated a preference for team player badges, but in reality the
   ones that were awarded are different

   - Major issue for badges: have to wait very long to get badge review

   - 1 out of 3 people offered to help others, but of those people, only a
   few get actively involved in reviewing other other people's work as part
   of the badge review

   - A lot of the discussion and feedback happened outside of the p2PU
   platform, in people's personal blogs

   - Challenges that had people make something at the end were much mroe
   popular, got more coverage on the open web.

   - Gallery of handwritten works:

   - * "[Webmaking 101] made me think about HTML tags in a whole new way...
   a different way to look at code."

   - * "The more you want your own badges to be awarded the more you want
   to review other peoples work."

   - * "You might know everything about a topic, but you can always learn
   something even if you know more than your mentee."

   - Chloe -> creating the report has been a lot of work, but in fact
   setting up the survey and building metric collecting/diagnostics is not a
   lot to do, so we should really look at setting these things up for other
   schools/projects etc.

   - State of the mustard (Philipp)

   - This is actally a question about the value of having a regualr update
   on what is going on at P2PU.

   - School of Data moving ahead

   - DML competition finalist

   - What's the mustard?

   - Philipp is making mustard. It changes over time and needs constant
   monitoring (who knew?)

   - Do we want/need a state of the mustard?

   - What should be in it to make it useful/valuable?

   - Chloe likes mustard

   - Ali thinks is'a great idea to bring out great projects that are
   happening behind the scenes

   - Ongoing meetings/partnership projects

   - Milestones & Plans

   - Numbers / metrics

   - Which ones in particular?

   - Visits? Sign-ups?

   - New Users this week

   - % Growth / Decline

   - (should be added to the scoreboard)

   - question: what stats can we make public automatically? keep in mind
   over time

   - Great example for stats reporting. Open Mich uses geckoboard:
   http://openmi.ch/-board (email Dave Malicke if you have questions -
   dmalicke at umich.edu)

   - There are libre/opoen source options (for analytics) such as Piwik

   - Piet: we've been looking into highcharts, which is more open [than
   geckoboard]. http://www.highcharts.com/ (more open means free, source
   code, and a CC license for non-profit use)

   - P2PU Mustard:

   - Courses/ study groups/ challenges discussion - what are the next steps?

   - Philipp -> suggestion: the last time we discussed this, we decided
   that we would pull together a summary from the mailing list/other
   discussions which John would collate and distribute

   - John -> this decision will impact the "learn" page, so during the dev
   call it was decided to move on that page first

   - *TODO: *John to make a reccomendation to the community on this

   - Issue is: do we have different types of groups, that are distinct and
   can be filtered, or not? This was holding back progress on the "learn"
   page, so that's why in the mockup it was left as is.

   - Chloe -> it would be helpful if people create lists of their favourite
   features so that we can make sure that when we consilidate, we don't lose

   - Alan: are you still looking for feedback John? Do you have questions?
   Or is it just a question of doing the mockup of what's already clear in
   your head?

   - John -> I think it's pretty clear from feedback that we want to
   minimise complexity, so from Chloe's mockup, which she will share, we can
   get opinions.

   - Alan reports and asks for feedback on two initiatives he's working on
   (see links in his weekly stand-up above)

   - 1. The first test of the theory of running courses at a conference
   happened at the Ashoka Ashoka U Exchange, went really well.

   - Am working on a blog post summary of what we did.

   - Am working now on pitching similar thing for Rio +20, Bioneers, and
   Net Impact in particular.

   - 2. The peer designed/peer run Masters in Changemaking is beginnig to
   take shape, hopefully to be run sometime in the spring, hopefully to be run
   along with the Hub network.

   - The professionalisation of changemaking is one of the key issues here.

   - Philipp > can we schedule a slot in the next call for one or both of
   these initiatives, which deserve a lot of attention.

   - *TODO*: Bekka to follow up with Alan to schedule into future calls
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