[p2pu-dev] Notes from Community Call - 9th February 2012

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Thu Feb 9 18:13:50 UTC 2012

Hi everyone

Thanks to everyone who joined today's call - we covered a lot of material,
and it was great to have some new faces (voices?) on the call.
The notes, and chat transcript, are available on the etherpad (
*Also, important note: This is the last week we'll be using this etherpad,
from next week, we'll be using a new one (http://pad.p2pu.org/community-call)
with separate links for each call, in an effort to keep the pads cleaner
and nicer to read. Bookmark it!*
February 9*

   - Attendees

   - Gunner

   - Carla

   - Sunny

   - Piet

   - Vanessa

   - Brylie

   - Standups (in writing only)

   - Alison

   - new courses

   - DIY U

   - Bekka

   - General Admin (banking, tax, insurance, contracting etc)

   - Plenty blogging (see below)

   - planning for berlin/london

   - Chloe

   - SoW Report One pager

   - NSF grant, curriculum ideas

   - Design Doc Assessment Features, round# 2 first sketches for 5 areas

   - Challenge Creation

   - Task Plugins

   - Discussions

   - Badges

   - Mentorship

   - John

   - Continuing Developer Interviews

   - We still need to find someone

   - Started work on Summer Internship Program (developers + outreach)

   - Working on planning for Berlin

   - Completed Review of Webmaking 101 Challenges

   - Scheduled user interviews

   - Requesting beta testers for new challenges

   - Added Chinese language file to github

   - Google Summer of Code Application - http://pad.p2pu.org/gsoc

   - We need mentors, will send an email to p2pu-dev

   - Google Grant Approved, managing campaign

   - working on keyword optimization for PPC and SEO

   - This will increase our keyword validity on the Google adwords we choose

   - Nonprofit deal from SEOmoz on their monitoring software

   - Philipp

   - School of Data - announcement and fund-raising

   - NSF grant plotting

   - Learning challenges report (feedback to Chloe)

   - Org stuff - legal, payments, etc.

   - Zuzel (on vacation)

   - Alan

   - News of the week (in writing only)

   - Blog posts you (we?) wrote


   - http://blogs.p2pu.org/blog/2012/02/04/how-a-poet-learned-to-program/

   - School of Data

   - School of Ed

   - Comment in Times Higher Ed

   - Articles you read

   - "*Listen to Your Community but Don't Let Them Tell You What to Do*" -

   - "*Don't Make Me Think*" -
   http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Make-Me-Think-Usability/dp/0321344758 +1

   - "*Google Adwords*" -

   - Initiatives you heard about

   - http://www.pickpocketalmanack.org/

   - Short report backs (1 min)

   - New Courses

   - READY:

   - Starting with php with an MVC Architecture :

   - DIY U: Build a Personal Learning Plan: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/diy-u/

   - Connected Learning with Youth Voices:

   - [see blog for School of Ed listings]


   - A Virtual Worlds, Games and Education Tour:

   - Music Video Challenge: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/music-video/

   - User Interface: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/user-interface/

   - XHTML v1.0 Strict en Sitios y/o Aplicaciones Web :

   - Plan an Event: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/plan-an-event/

   - Run an Event: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/run-an-event/

   - Prove that you ran an Event:


   - Say Hi: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/ziba/

   - Under age:

   - Suggest a course: computers: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/computers/

   - Good course, poor grammar:

   - Development priorities

   - Zuzel on holiday ...

   - Showcase items

   - lots of good stuff in the blog over the last week

   - Agenda (3 formats)

   - *Format comment: *Everything here needs some context / narrative.

   - Why is this important? What's the background?

   - What are you proposing?

   - What's feedback or input do you need?

   - Philipp: Before we launch into this part of the agenda, I'd like to
   say something. Puts up his hand ...

   - Can we reduce the list of courses to one or two specific asks -
   something to look at,, something to note, something to be fixed etc

   - Ali volunteers to to send an email to the community

   - pick one form each category

   - send long list to community

   - *M**ore awesome challenges for P2PU. [John]*

   - People are really liking the new challenges. How can we build more and
   generate some buzz around them?

   - Let's each make one challenge in a subject area where we know someone
   high profile. We do the work and put both names on the challenge (with
   their blessing of course)

   - *Format "Challenge Name - High Profile Person - Owner" **These are
   suggestions*, please edit. If we each do one we'll make a lot of
   progress and it won't be a ton of work.

   - What does it mean to take "ownership" of one?

   - Open Governance / Community Building - Jono Bacon/ Seth Godin (Philipp)

   - MBA Monday Challenge - Fred Wilson (John)

   - Cyberpunk Fiction - Cory Doctorow / China Mievielle (Bekka, Nadeem,

   - Creative Writing - ... (Jane)

   - Blogging--ask Audrey Waters (Vanessa)

   - Building Collaborative Spaces--Alex Hillman (Vanessa)

   - Audio Documentary--Ira Glass (eeeek!)

   - Food - Gordon Ramsey / Jamie Oliver / Heston Blumenthal (Niels)

   - Planning your Web Career - / Sacha Chua / (paulbakulich)

   - Plus these http://dev.p2pu.org:9001/p/party

   - Questions:

   - What are the next steps? How can you help?

   - Put your name on the list and start making one

   - How do we track progress

   - Bekka -> are you doing the one with China Mieville?

   - I wish! Go for it! What do you need to actually do it?

   - Find him, ask him? Yes!

   - John and I will move forward building our challenges ...

   - Step 1: Someone take ownership of the challenge

   - Step 2: Contact the "sponsor"

   - Step 3: Make a draft, review, iterate

   - Step 4: Challenge party with the results to get feedback

   - *Google Keywords*

   - Our friend Mac in Berlin (http://dataloo.de) hooked us up with Google
   to get this grant.

   - I need help brainstorming search keywords to improve traffic to P2PU

   - Mindset: Think like users, what kind of searches do we expect people
   to do when looking for P2PU (if they know us or not)?

   - Think in terms of topic areas or solving a user's problem

   - EX: User wants to learn how to read music. Possible search queries for
   this topic:

   - how to read music

   - learn to read music

   - learn to read music free

   - parts of a musical staff

   - learning scales

   - We can theme keyword groups around:

   - Individual courses

   - Schools

   - Subjects to learn

   - Mentorship

   - ETC

   - It can be better to have links that connect to pages lower down in a

   - Gunner -> it may be that the bid on a page are capped at $1.00

   - we should anticipate a lot of tuning-time

   - Further reading:

   - Philipp: we already get quite a lot of new users to the site with
   keywords as we have now, but they're not high-quality users

   - with better keywords, we might get better users directed to us.

   - Might it be useful to look at the search terms that people use when
   they wind up at the blog?

   - We have all of these recorded in the Wordpress stats (I can give
   access if you don't have it)

   - Brylie -> We need to add keywords to our existing pages

   - Google will analyze our pages to determine the keyword (adword)

   - <meta keywords> would be a start.

   - *Homework*: Brainstorm P2PU keyword groups [John]

   - Our goal is to come up with as many distinct groups as possible, but
   keep the keywords within a given group* RELATED*

   - Post here: http://pad.p2pu.org/keywords

   - People willing to help:

   - John

   - Alison

   - gunner

   - *P2PU Goes to Berlin!*

   - http://pad.p2pu.org/berlin

   - There has been a recurring idea @ P2PU of having a virtual office

   - Idea is to set up space in Berlin (cheap, we like it)

   - June/July/August

   - Most staff will be there in July, some for longer

   - We'll find a good working space, which will include some kind of way
   to provide three meals a day

   - Shared accommodation for those who want to come

   - We have created a fellowship for people who need help in getting to

   - List of projects has been created, for people to sign up to

   - There is an application process (outlined on the etherpad) and some
   factors will be considered:

   - Skills / project idea

   - Committment shown in the past

   - Time willing to spend in Berlin

   - First proposal is on the etherpad (above)

   - We're looking for feedback from everyone, on every aspect...

   - Piet: this is everything I have been waiting for from P2PU

   - Question: how is a community member defined?

   - Answer -> Philipp: sense is that people who are on the list/actively
   participate, but there is no threshold set

   - Carla -> segment about who you want, and what they can bring to the
   table, and maybe select by category, as a rough first cut

   - Vanessa: not clear what I would be doing (Philipp: This is something
   we need to fix in the message!)

   - Bekka: In terms of the everyday working at P2PU, just having people in
   the same room would be helpful (having people there without the ability to
   escape). Maybe it doesn't have to be so clearly defined.

   - Different for staff members and volunteers? Staff members already have
   long todo lists ... but people who come to Berlin to work on specific

   - Ali -> it's not up to us to define what a community member is, the
   community defines this for themselves

   - We should think about buckets of need, which will enable people to
   make stronger applications

   - If the application requires a reference from a community/staff member,
   then we need to be clearer on what/who a community member is

   - Piet -> I would probably approach a staffer I know, and start the
   conversation that way (Philipp: And I would write the recommendation ;-)

   - But for people who aren't 100% familiar with P2PU it might be very

   - Philipp -> The process has to help bring new people in to the community

   - Proposal: Add a contact person for each project that is on the list,
   this might be a good starting point, especially for people who don't
   already have friends at P2PU

   - +1 Like it! +1+1+1

   - Next step:

   - *Philipp* to update the description, and get the project list started.
   Then open the application process. Will add deadlines to the berlin pad.

   - *Courses/Challenges/Groups? (Moved to next week)*

   - Take a decision on consolidation of courses-challenges-study groups

   - Can we postpone until there is a proposal based on previous discussion
   (and the emails)

   - +1 - move to next week

   - *Outreach strategy*

   - Need help developing an outreach strategy to bring new courses into
   P2PU [Alison]

   - Background: P2PU will have a quarterly outreach schedule that makes
   big push to media

   - see: http://pad.p2pu.org/rounds for details

   - Metapoint from Philipp ->agenda items what have context/background
   seem to be the ones that are most successful

   - Having a specific ask is also helpful,

   - Next step: Ali to add text to next week's pad, and we'll hold the
   discussion until then.

   - *Ideas you want collaborators for*

   - http://p2pu.org/en/groups/music-video/

   - http://pad.p2pu.org/videochallenge

   - If anyone is interested in hopping on, then feel free!

   - General discussion and questions

   - Challenges discussion (Chloe)

   - We created some great challenges at last week's amazing challenge
   party, *http://dev.p2pu.org:9001/p/part*<http://dev.p2pu.org:9001/p/party>
   *y* <http://dev.p2pu.org:9001/p/party>

   - The follow-up will be the Badge Edition party on Feb 23rd, where ideas
   can be refined, and tied to badges

   - Tie existing challenges to badges.

   - Chloe will send follow-up invitation, and is willing to review

   - Competition for the best badge title - surprise gift!!! (WHAT? That's

   - Get started here -> http://p2pu.org/en/groups/make-a-challenge/

   - Can still participate at the "How to make a Challenge" challenge

   - I did some work on my challenge. Would love some feedback. Will post
   now. (ok but you cannot get the suprise gift before the competition ^^)

   - My title really stinks - I won't win anything.

   - http://p2pu.org/en/groups/open-governance-learn-to-act-like-a-baboon/

   - Yes, Philipp, that's CHEATING!

   - School of Open (Philipp) Yay!

   - Slowly coming together, but we are moving faster on School of Data ;-)

   - Open.Michigan is working with Data Without Borders this weekend on a
   "datadive" - we should have created challenges for this but didn't; we
   still need to work on badging for this event, but we'll have more in the
   future (http://a2datadive.weebly.com/)

   - Please point them to this form (and point yourself as well) and
   register so we can make sure to keep you in the loop:

   - http://blog.okfn.org/2012/02/08/announcing-the-school-of-data/ (there
   is a form in there)

   - Mainly waiting for the person who's been identified as a coordinator
   to step into this role

   - Carla -> this touches on the Open Badges Endorsers idea, where outside
   orgs/partner orgs endorse a badge that has been issued by some other org.

   - Piet -> Open Michigan is interested in School of Open becuase we've
   been thinking about it ourselves and waiting for a group to get it

   - Launched their badges this week, and already thinking about next
   steps. and the Open Badges team knows someone who received one! :)

   - Community Call notes on P2PU Blog [John]

   - This came up on the mailing list, I'm +1 as this will help our search
   engine rankings and give us something to talk about as well as preserve
   notes in a non-editable space. I don't think this needs discussion, just
   wanted to note it here.

   - Idea that was discussed:

   - Clean up typos / formatting after the call

   - Suggestion -> Clear colors (or turn off color display). Makes it much
   easier to read.

   - Write a summary blog post that links back to the notes and push it out
   through blog/tweet/etc.

   - Thank you Brylie for setting up the Etherpad Lite server. +1 +1 When
   Zuzel is back we hope to migrate!
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