[p2pu-dev] Notes from Community Call - 2nd February 2012

Rebecca Kahn bekka at p2pu.org
Thu Feb 2 20:13:59 UTC 2012

 If you missed this week's community call, you missed a real treat! The
first ever P2PU Challenge Creation party was a rip-roaring success - thanks
to Chloe who did an amazing job of planning and facilitating, and thanks to
everyone who showed up and shared their brilliant challenge ideas, gave
feedback, rated our songs, and generally reminded us how cool these calls
can be.

 The notes are copied below, and the transcript and chat notes are on a
different etherpad this week, so you'll find them here:
 and also on the P2PU blog.

 We can't wait for the next one... *
*Challenge Creation Kick off Party*

   - *Introductions [5 min]*

   - Chloe breaking it down for us ...

   - What is a *Challenge Creation Kick off Party*?

   - What is a *Challenge*?

   - What is this? http://p2pu.org/en/groups/make-a-challenge/

   - Questions?

   - *Party Playlist [5 min each]*

   - Add your *name* + your* challenge* idea + your *song *(bonus if you
   have a link to one you are currently working)

   - If you don't have a challenge to share already:

   - Help put together the soundtrack (vote for your favorite songs)

   - Make one up on the spot

   - Challenge: <title of your challenge>

   - Creator: <your name>

   - Idea: <what's the idea here? give us your pitch! add a link if you
   have one>

   - Song: <the soundtrack>

   - Challenge: TBD

   - Creator: Laura

   - Idea:
   e <https://mozlearning.etherpad.mozilla.org/hackasaurus-p2pu-challenge>

   - Song: Hail to the Chief!

   - Feedback notes:

   - Gunner: make participants feel like they are in control of what they

   - Bekka: use politics narrative as a context, primary race, earn
   different stages of political campaigning

   - Challenge: DIY U: Build a Personal Learning Plan

   - Creator: ALISON

   - Idea: Build a plan to get more value (and possibly a credential) from
   your personal learning.

   - Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7mb102V1F0 ("I believe I can

   - Feedback Notes:

   - Add maybe some introduction task, where everyone says who they are and
   what they are going to be teaching

   - Challenge: *First Steps with QuickBooks *

   - Creator: Bekka Kahn

   - Idea:  Non-profit people are not always money people, but basic
   bookkeeping is essential for any org, no matter how big or small. The
   challenge is to learn the basics of QuickBooks for non-profits. This is for
   people who find themselves in this position, and need to learn skills, and
   skilled people willing to share their knowledge.

   - First draft:
   from study group)

   - Song: Money! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-j3xITvYQY> great choice
   ;) thanks!

   - Questions: Is this appropriate for a challenge?

   - Should it be broken into smaller, individual tasks?

   - Is the fact that it is based on one software package a problem?

   - Feedback Notes:

   - http://www.khanacademy.org/search?page_search_query=finance

   - Phil - Not losing track of stuff can be like a game. Topic is
   definitely appropriate for a challenge.

   - Will you learn the basics of GAAP? -

   - I suppose so - it's the basic stuff

   - I met with these people http://www.gogirlfinance.com/ they are making
   a game for money literacy, they might be interested to work with you on
   financially literacy challenges for women...

   - Have different people suggest different solutions/platforms as the
   "making" part of your challenge, have them share other platform

   - Challenge: *Open Governance - Learn to Act like a Baboon *

   - Creator: Philipp

   - Idea: Communities have values and norms. In order grow stronger while
   growing bigger, there needs to be a mechanism for transfering these norms
   to new community members. Examples are community agreements (Debian has
   this), implicit norms that are enforced by the community, or explicit value
   pages etc.

   - What will you learn: How to identify and evaluate different mechanisms
   for norms transfer in communities

   - What you will do:

   - Learn about norms transfer in baboon communities

   - Review existing examples and check out interview with Mako (who wrote
   the Debian one)

   - Find more examples for norms transfer

   - What do you make? A community agreement for a community that you are a
   member of

   - Embarassingly early draft ->

   - Song: Kumbaya (the 1980 Joan Baez version) -

   - Questions / Need help:

   - Is the "make" part interesting enough? What about something crazy -
   like making a mock up video of a news show in an imaginary state ...

   - Need more tasks to get people through this

   - Feedback Notes:

   - Chloe: Like the mockumentary idea - representing the community in some
   way. Could use storify or popcorn to make the videos. If you do video,
   provide guidelines. Video should have introduction. Some kind of story.
   Make a storyboard. Find your community heroes. Protagonists for your story.
   What do they do?

   - Philipp: Maybe a video that tells the story of a community faced with
   a challenge.

   - Bekka: Don't worry about wanting people to make similar things.

   - Alan: Have thought about branding / marketing. Create something and
   ask yourself ... if this thing we are creating was a car ... a food ... a
   shirt... what would it be? Example: Car -> cadillac - it's comfortable and
   slow and big ...

   - Challenge: Make digital music! Build your first synthesizer with Pure

   - Creator: John

   - Idea: Brief introduction to PureData and it's primitives

   - What is a DAC

   - What is an oscillator

   - Left and right channels

   - It's drag and drop

   - Input - Integer

   - Connect the dots

   - Kick it of with a "bang"

   - Share your synth, try one from your peers

   - Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHKDE56Cdv4

   - *Feedback Notes*

   - What about asking people to submit songs/synths as collaborations? Or
   whole orchestras?

   - share favorite songs, instruments, styles - inspirations

   - Is there already a community space / site where people share these
   synths? -yes, but it's really not great... but should introduce that
   directory - and get people to post their stuff to the site

   - make the title more musical

   - Add some introductory tasks

   - Challenge: Explore your Empathy

   - Creator: Alan (on behalf of Laura White)

   - Idea: exercises you can do to improve your empathy

   - Shell so far, no work done yet:

   - http://empathy.ashoka.org/series-101

   - Example tasks

   - What does it feel like to be invisible?

   - Complete the Homeless Challenge Project with National Coalition for
   the Homeless, where economically-privileged people dress down, empty their
   wallets and spend 48 hours homeless on the streets of Washington, D.C. (wow!
   that's a pretty high bar)

   - Complete the Anti-Racism Training through SOAR

   - Q: shopping cart approach versus linear task list?

   - Song: How could you be so heartless?

   - *Feedback Notes*

   - Phil - Important to work together for this challenge, enforce collabora

   - Chloe - Follow-up challenges - come up with some kind of solution

   - "Mentors" could be homeless?

   - Start with personal interests and then follow with more solution
   focused challengs

   - Also, what are they making? This has a lot of media potential, i.e.
   website, blog, mobile phone app etc, video

   - Challenge: Programming with APIs

   - Creator: Jessy with Chloe

   - Idea apply core programming constructs to a dynamic data source

   - http://p2pu.org/en/groups/programming-101/

   - Song

   - *Feedback Notes*

   - Favorite task name "Patience, Young Padawan"

   - Question -> Is there some way to connect API calls, so that
   participants would build on each others' work?

   - jessy loves this idea

   - philipp suggests "exquisite corpse" API :)

   - *Take the Dance Floor [up to 30 min]*

   - Pitch us your Challenge in 2-3 minutes; explain what is the problem
   you are asking your peers to solve, what skills will they get out of
   solving it, what is the context for doing so and what will they be making
   at the end.

   - After each pitch, there is a quick round of feedback

   - Should we keep notes above right under each challenge description? Yes!

   - Possible Guiding Questions;

   - *What is the big idea?*

   - *What is the problem you are asking your learners to solve?*

   - *What is the context?*

   - *What is the goal?*

   - *What are your learners making at the end?*

   - *Does it sound fun?*

   - *After hours chill-out [10 min]*

   - Question 1 - What are Challenges that the model works really well for?
   What does it not work for?

   - Philipp: Not from the examples we saw - but I don't think it's great
   for rote / fact learning

   - Jessy: In fact, challenges could work well for rote learning - but
   rote learning is not a great way to learn

   - Bekka: Agree with Jessy. Challenges may not work so well in learning
   that requires a huge amount of solo reading. May not work so well for
   learning that is discussion based / exploratory.

   - Philipp: Requires a switch in your head to apply to some content

   - Question 2 - How can the challenges model/UX be improved? What's

   - Question 3 - How do we promote challenges?

   - What's the right "length" of a challenge?

   - Chloe: Generally - one challenge is better than multiple (you loose
   users between challenges)

   - rule of thumb A good number is maximum of about 10 tasks (a 10 steps
   to do sthg)

   - *General feedback (feel free to type more feedback here)*

   - Party format:

   -  Super useful if people prepare (both to post *and* to review
   challenge ideas)

   - Challenges:

   - Introductions are useful as a general building block in challenges

   - *What's next?*

   - Do another session in a few weeks

   - Give people time to complete their challenge drafts

   - Focus of next session: Adding badges into your challenge

   - Plan the next party, how, when?

   - 2 weeks from this date

   - In the meantime -> use this to collaborate >
   http://p2pu.org/en/groups/make-a-challenge/ (join if you haven't already)

Reminder for Philipp:

   - Clean up after the party -> Copy all of this into the old server
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