[p2pu-dev] A long way to go for sorting tasks

Dan Diebolt dandiebolt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 22:15:23 UTC 2012

Actually the client side library (jQuery UI sortable) needed to allow
sorting of the task items is already delivered in the course page and to
invoke it you only need this one additional statement:

$("#content-pages ul").sortable()

Type this command into the console and you can sort the tasks by dragging
and dropping.

The problem is that more work would be needed in the back end to save the
new sorted order of the tasks via an Ajax call without reloading the page.
As it stands now you only have support for moving an individual task up or
down one step and the URL reloads the page:


What I do to get around these limitations like this is to code all my
interface modifications in a GreaseMonkey script so they automatically get
applied when the page loads.
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