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satyaakam goswami satyaakam at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 03:46:28 UTC 2012

> I do however urge you to tell us a bit more about fossacademy? P2PU is
> about community, not some software or a platform, and we would like to help
> you as much as we can :)

been thinking since 09-10 time frame about it and concretely i did
something in 011 here is a small write up
http://satyaakam.net/2011/05/26/why-fossacademy-org/ , initially i wanted
to base it on  Khan Academy then realized the locking in i am going to to
the Bigtable etc. So i did not pursue it further then i saw course-builder
again it was based on something from KhanAcademy. I started searching more
and landed with two communities first is Openhatch.org and then p2pu.org .

Come 2012 my thoughts have changed to a greater degree
http://satyaakam.net/2012/10/29/mooc-and-education/  and i see there is
learning happening everywhere even from trash
http://www.arvindguptatoys.com/toys.html .

So with fossacademy.org my objectives after working with college student
and professors has been

1) There is a social learning which happening in foss which formal
education cannot impart
2) Fossworld is like a Lab it starts when there Theory in college ends.
3) We have tools which are already made in the Fossworld be a K12 education
or some one learning astronomy.

so still i have no clear cut direction as to where i want to take it but
courses like http://www.nand2tetris.org/ and softwares from
http://www.sugarlabs.org/ have to be central piece of what i want to do .
yes wikipedia is also going to be some part of it.

The other objective  is to make youngsters more adept to the latest Foss
technologies there has been some effort in this direction in the past

> We're are currently talking with some people from flossmanuals.net about
> starting a "School of Free Software". Maybe that aligns with what you are
> trying to do? As far as I understand it will focus on using floss software.
> Do you want

to focus more on the licensing part?

Yes i have seen the thread , no i am not much interested in the licensing
part , but doing is what i enjoy more .

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