[p2pu-dev] Forking and working on fossacademy.org

satyaakam goswami satyaakam at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 18:56:39 UTC 2012

     I have reached a point where i started understanding bits and pieces
of the code , before i move forward to starting my site site
fossacademy.orgthere are certain basic questions and doubts i have
which i want to make
them clear before people start investing there time into it  .

i tried reading the https://p2pu.org/en/pages/terms-of-use/ it is something
the lawyers would  understand the best :-) , my question is what happens
when i pick up the site as it is and change the logo and make schools
according to my requirements is it something i am doing against the Terms
of  use ?

I see there are lots of similarities between my thought processes and what
school of open is trying to do , the easy way out as individual would be
contribute to the efforts of school of open , if i go on to create and
start with fossacdemy.org  , i need to think twice before how am i going to
 sustain my effort as an individual or as a separate community , is there a
way where i can redirect my domain the way schoolofopen.org is doing or
http://schoolofdata.org/ is doing ?

i think the best policy when in doubt is to ask  .

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