[p2pu-dev] wireframes of badge task/assessment

Arlton Lowry arltonlowry at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 17:52:24 UTC 2011

> * I like the idea of actually showing which badges I can challenge for next to the link "Get a badge". Probably an easy change to Arton's last UX. 

We could do that very easily and I understand the reasoning behind it, but I'm not sure it would work very well if we had all the badges available for each Challenge listed there. I'm not sure how it would work, how it would look with 1 badge vs. 5 badges, how we would display the stats for each badge, or how large we could make the badges - Zuzel brought up a concern earlier that the badges wouldn't be legible at small sizes That's why they are listed to the left under the Challenge description - it allows for an infinite number of badges and info. 

That said, I would still like the badges and "Apply for Badge" to be more closely connected on the page. I'm just not sure we can do that yet. Thoughts?

> * Is the discussion / review thread public? I think it should be - because it's a good learning resource for others. And in Alex Halavais' pilot, there were some really great conversations.

It is public. We probably need to think of a better way to integrate it into the Challenge page. Someone mentioned a jQuery button (or something) above the tasks that switched out the tasks with the discussion - that way a user wouldn't have to reload the page each time they went between the two. I'm not sure if we want to add this functionality to this release, or wait until a future release?

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