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Arlton Lowry arltonlowry at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 20:12:54 UTC 2011

> Just to warn you, I think the current badges are 93x94. 1 pixel html resized to make it a square will probably only be noticed by certain people (and probably drive us nuts) but just thought I'd put that out there. Plus, will be they be readable at that size? We'll have mouseover alt type text but there's no title otherwise except in the badge, right?

Thanks for the heads up about the 93x94 - I wasn't aware of it. I think each badge with eventual have its own page, or there will be a page with all the badges list, with info about each badge. I'd like to see some of the badges that have already been created - do you know where I can check them out?

> If we have 0 awarded, we're going to keep the two significant digits? What if we have 3 digits, do all go to 3? Example: 00 01 and 100 001. We can revist when we are in the million range ;)

I had an issue with centering the number under the header when only 1 number was present. I need to find a solution for that. And, you're right, I may need to make the numbers smaller to accommodate more digits - 1,000,000. :)

> No call to action to adopt?

Adding the Adopt CTA to the message section is a good idea.

> Does the system know what the next challenge is?

If Jamie is creating the Challenges in a particular order that he expects the user to go through, then why would we allow the user to take any challenge at any time? If the user was required to follow a certain challenge order, then the system would know what challenge was next.

> I like the  thought of differentiating the navigation versus action with link vs button.

Me too. 

> And still have the "View/Discuss" stuff? Speaking of, I saw that on alpha and wondered it it was obvious enough. I know as an organizer I love when I see students engage each other more than use the contact organizer button. Someone else probably has an answer and is on that time zone and it's kept out in the open for others to see :)

If you're referring to the "Discuss Challenge" and "View Tasks" buttons under the challenge info - I think that's a temporary solution. I'd like to do something a bit more elegant in a future release.

> Since they're pulled out and special already, maybe like the http://p2pu.org/en/people/ people cards with name and 'contact' link? Some of us have long names or I'd say put it under the name. But maybe something like that?

I spoke with John about this earlier today and he thinks there should be a "Get Help" button that sends the people that have offered to help a message and as part of that offers the user a 1-on-1 mentor. I think it makes sense to combine the mentors and adopters. Give the users a base level of support (adopters), but if they need more help, it's available (mentors).

> And a real nitpicky question... what order should we do on the people list? Random-ish maybe? Otherwise those first few folks are going to get all the contacts, right? :) Or maybe order of adoption?

I say random. 

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