[p2pu-dev] Updated Challenges Mockup

Arlton Lowry arltonlowry at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 13:22:10 UTC 2011

I pushed an update yesterday afternoon, but until that gets pulled into Alpha, I wanted to share what I have done. Here are the changes:

Badge section: http://cl.ly/AMo3
I'm not sure about the color, but that's something that can easily change.

Task Section: http://cl.ly/AMTL
After the last task is checked off the congratulations message and buttons will appear under the tasks. I'm not sure that the "Next Challenge" needs to be a button - it may work better as a link - in that case I would switch their spots.

People Section: http://cl.ly/AMWB
I added a slightly grey background behind the "Request a Mentor" section at the top to set it apart. Phillipp mentioned in his last email that there needed to be a link under the people who have offered their help section. I'm going to think about how I can include that with the current setup.

Feedback, please. :)


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