[p2pu-dev] Updated Challenges Mockup

Philipp Schmidt philipp at p2pu.org
Fri Sep 23 12:09:37 UTC 2011

> The images of people are nice. What happens if I click on them? Where does
> it take me?
> I'm assuming it takes you to their profile?
Makes sense, but there are two cons with that:

* It's not clear how to actually get help from them. You go to their profile
and then have to send them a private message. But we don't tell you that it
would be ok to do that (and maybe it is not ok to do that?)

* It drives the conversations into private / hidden spaces. Others can't see
the questions / answers - which prevents the community to learn from each
others problems. Better to drive into group discussion spaces.

What about adding "Ask them a question" as a link to the discussion forum
somewhere in that box? Could be below the images, or in the heading ... but
some way to drive Q&A into the public forum.

*Need help?* Peers that can help you with this challenge. Click here to ask
them a question

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